Student Focus

Experience a learning model designed around you

Since our founding, student satisfaction has been at the heart of our learning model. Our faculty members go through a highly selective hiring process based not only on experience and knowledge, but also on their dedication and passion to help students grow.

We also conduct student surveys at the end of each course, then rapidly optimize our curriculum and faculty training based on feedback. These efforts, among others, amount to the GLOBIS Quality Guarantee, which includes our promise of a full refund if your experience does not meet expectations or desired outcomes.

Dedication through action

We conduct student surveys during and after each course, as well as prior to graduation. These surveys are reviewed thoroughly by GLOBIS staff and faculty members, allowing us to immediately implement valuable feedback and make every aspect of our program better.

  • The GLOBIS curriculum is reviewed and adjusted every year to reflect the needs and trends found through survey results.
  • Anonymous student feedback on the course content and teaching is sought multiple times per term. The average score in 2021 was 4.5 out of 5.
  • Our Student Services and Careers teams have proactively increased networking opportunities among cohorts and partner programs based on student demand.
  • We’re committed to agility in the face of environmental challenges such as COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, GLOBIS moved all courses online in three days to cope with lockdowns and the impossibility of in-person interactions. Substitute classes and leaves of absence systems are also available to support personal emergencies, work responsibilities, and other scheduling issues.
  • Jordan Touati

    “Everyone had different challenges based on where they were, but the GLOBIS team was open and flexible throughout. In addition, they provided essential information when we were finally able to come to Japan. This kind of service is exceptional. ”