Lead with confidence in an age of uncertainty

In a business environment characterized by rapid, unpredictable change, we believe it is essential to develop leaders who can bring forth new solutions. Our Technovate courses will teach you how to innovate with technology. Learn the fundamentals of emerging technologies–and ways to use them in business. An innovation mindset is applied across our entire curriculum, challenging you to imagine how to impact organizations and societies for the better.

You will learn leading-edge methods and frameworks, but moreover you will become familiar with how top-class companies maximize competitive value through both traditional and digitized business models.
Jorge Calvo

Deputy Dean

A pioneer in recognizing technology in business education

Thanks to the synergy that GLOBIS University has developed with venture capital and corporate training, we recognize how important it is for business leaders to embrace technology. In 2014, we started developing Technovate courses as an integral part of our MBA curriculum. Today, we provide over 30 Technovate courses on different aspects of technology applied to business.

A dedicated research institute to apply AI to management education

In 2017, we established the GLOBIS AI Management Education Research Institute (GAiMERi) to explore how technology can be leveraged for next-generation education. In early 2022, GAiMERi received its first patent for an AI-based grading system that uses GLOBIS’s own proprietary AI for natural language text analysis.

  • Ne Long

    “After graduating from GLOBIS, I transitioned from a decade-long career in medical science to IT consulting. I would not have had this opportunity without the MBA training I received at GLOBIS, especially in the Technovate courses. ”