Education and Training Benefits

Please note that you are required to file applications with two institutions, first with HelloWork and then with GLOBIS University. Please find the deadlines below for each. 

All enrolling students, including those who are NOT applying for benefits, need to report their decision to GLOBIS. 

[Students  who  wish  to  receive  the  Specialized  Practice  Education  and  Training Benefits]
  • File the application with Hellowork(ハローワーク)

Deadline: Monday, August 31, 2020

[ALL Students]
(Even if you are not applying or are not eligible you still need to inform GLOBIS of this information)
  • File the Application with the GLOBIS Student Services Office via the Virtual Campus:

    Virtual Campus > Student Services > Academic > Application for Taking Education and Training Benefits Course

Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

To understand eligibility and procedures for filing with HelloWork, please refer to the following:

  •  2020 Part-time & Online Enrollment Guide

Please refer to Section G for additional information.

  •  GLOBIS website for Education and Training Benefits for Part-Time & Online MBA program students 

  •  GLOBIS guide for Education and Training Benefits (PDF) via Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus > Guides and Regulations > Tuition fees (Benefits and Loans) >  Education and Training Benefits for Current and Incoming MBA Students

The guide should be also helpful when making a viable two-year course registration plan that meets the requirements to receive the benefits. Please read the information closely before completing your course registration plan.