English Management Training (EMT)

Course Objectives

*Please note that this course will no longer be offered following the April 2021 term.

Being able to communicate effectively and persuade others is an important skill to have in international business. This may be even more challenging for non-native English speakers in an international organization. EMT is not an English language course, but an introductory business course in English. The objective of this course is to expose non-native speakers to a variety of communication challenges they may face and provide them with the skills needed to handle these situations.

Through this course students will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the cultural differences that can affect communication
  • Learn how to build basic structured arguments
  • Be introduced to methodologies for developing more complex arguments
  • Learn how to use segmentation to understand issues and data in a systematic way
  • Evaluate their skills so that they can build their strengths and improve their weaknesses
  • Be able to apply their improved problem solving and communication skills to their daily work immediately

This course is designed for those who have good business experience and understand English reasonably well (around a TOEIC score of 700), but find participating in meetings and presentations challenging. It is also for those that are not familiar with the debate-oriented and logic-focused practices of international organizations.


Course Details

Programs: Part-time MBA, Pre-MBA
Discipline: Critical and Analytical Skills
Special Features: None
Required/Elective Course: Elective Course
Number of Credits: 1.0
Presentation: Day 4
Class Capacity: 35

*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.

12 weeks, every other week
JPY 86,000


Theme/Reading Materials

Day 1
THEMEStructured Communication
CASE-Cocktail party
-Experience in a business setting
-Tourist agency
Day 2
THEMEApplying structure
CASE-New recruits
-New flights
-Smart decision
Day 3
THEMESegmentation, Problem solving
CASE-Dealership X
-TV Station 
-Convenience store
Day 4
THEMEProblem solving and communication
CASE-Presentation to the CEO of Company A
-Problem solving for Company A


If you wish to start from Pre-MBA

Tuition Fee: 86,000 yen
Please find more about the Pre-MBA Program.


Gil Chavez
Gil Chavez
Critical and Analytical Skills, Management Philosophy, Marketing and Strategy
The ability to assess a given situation, to quickly sift through data to indentify key factors, is essential in any profession. In business, it is the foundation of management and leadership.
Brian Cathcart
Brian Cathcart
Critical and Analytical Skills
"Critical Thinking is an essential life skill that can improve not only how you conduct your business but also how you communicate with people and how you direct your life. In this course, we will work together to develop tools to improve your own critical thinking so that you can be more persuasive, work more efficiently, and be more effective throughout your entire MBA experience. I look forward to seeing you in class!"