How to create a successful app in 2021: Online Panel Discussion

Monday, August 16, 2021
19:00 - 20:30 (Japan Standard Time)
with Eido Inoue, Alex Scharf, and Kelvin Song (MC) Register Now Details

This event brings together experts in the field of software management to share their tips to create a successful app in 2021.

In this upcoming panel discussion, we will sit down with 3 experts in the field of software management to share their experiences and insights on what it takes to create a successful app.

Core topics covered will include:

  • What to keep in mind when starting a project related to app development
  • Lessons learned from in-house app development
  • Things to avoid when creating an app
  • Important mindsets for app creation

As this will be an interactive session, please come prepared with questions for our panelists.

Notes about this interactive online event

This event will be held live online. Upon registration, a link will be sent to your email address with a URL and details on how to join. Some tips for the event!

  • Join on time as the event will be live (we recommend signing in at least 5 minutes early)
  • Please try to have earphones, microphone and/or a webcam ready for a more interactive experience
  • Have a good time and don’t be shy to participate in the discussions
If you are a GLOBIS student or alumni please register from the Virtual Campus


  • Date
    Monday, August 16, 2021
  • Time
    19:00-20:30 (JST)
  • Where
  • Registration Fee
    Free of charge
  • Language


  • 19:00
  • 19:05
    What to keep in mind when creating an app
  • 19:25
    Lessons learned from in-house app development
  • 19:35
    Dialogue with GLOBIS Faculty Kelvin Song
  • 20:00
  • 20:20
    GLOBIS program overview


Eido Inoue (Panelist)
Eido Inoue, a naturalized Japanese, holds 25 years of experience in the IT industry working for companies such as Google, Red Hat, and Rakuten.
Eido brings a wealth of knowledge on Engineering Management, Digital Transformation, and Software development.
Alex Scharf (Panelist)
Alex Scharf is the leader of GLOBIS Unlimited, an online business microlearning service.
As an intrapreneur, Alex leads the planning and development of a digital product at the intersection of technology and education with a global reach.
Kelvin Song (MC)
Kelvin Song, GLOBIS Faculty of Technovate courses and leader of the Marketing and Data Analysis team in the English MBA program.
Originally from Singapore, he started his career as a software engineer for Toshiba PC Company. He was the lead engineer for Toshiba PC's flagship image-enhancement technology, Resolution+, and he was one of the core members in the research and engineering of 3D multimedia solutions, including the world's first glassless 3D laptop, Qosmio F750.
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