“A Marketing Masterclass: the Success of Nestlé Japan” Online Seminar

Friday, June 03, 2022
19:00 - 20:30 (Japan Standard Time)
with Masafumi Ishibashi and Satoshi Hirose Register Now Details

Mr. Masafumi Ishibashi, Senior Managing Executive and CMO of Nestlé Japan, sheds some light on how to keep a business ahead of the curve by focusing on ingenuity and overcoming challenges as a formula for success.

Most organizations understand that marketing is important, but few adopt a holistic approach to recognize marketing as their top priority.

Nestlé is a successful example of how a corporation can drive innovation by making marketing not just a job for marketing departments, but the true engine of its management system. Nestlé's marketing success is particularly evident in its Japanese subsidiary, which keeps growing its business with double-digit operating profit in a market where the population is aging and declining.

KitKat’s innovative marketing initiatives, led in Japan by Mr. Masafumi Ishibashi, are a famous example. Through an ingenious localization strategy, Mr. Ishibashi and his team not only won the hearts of Japanese consumers, but fundamentally transformed the market itself.

At this event, Mr. Ishibashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CMO, Nestlé Japan Ltd., will talk about Nestlé Japan’s ‘marketing-first’ approach to business, and how to continuously expand and materialize ideas that will translate into new business opportunities.

Core topics covered will include:

  • Introduction of Nestlé Japan, its initiatives to date, and the factors behind its success
  • The positioning of marketing strategy in Nestlé Japan
  • Mr. Ishibashi’s professional background and his journey to the C-suite seat

Notes about this interactive online event

This event will be held live online. Upon registration, a link will be sent to your email address with a URL and details on how to join. Some tips for the event:

  • Join on time as the event will be live (we recommend signing in at least 5 minutes early)
  • Please try to have earphones, microphone and/or a webcam ready for a more interactive experience
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  • Date
    Friday, June 3rd, 2022
  • Time
    19:00-20:30 JST
  • Where
    Held live online
  • Registration Fee
    Free of charge
  • Language


  • 18:50
    Reception opens
  • 19:00
    Keynote by Mr. Masafumi Ishibashi
  • 19:35
    Dialogue section with GLOBIS Dean Satoshi Hirose
  • 20:00
  • 20:30
    End of the Session


Masafumi Ishibashi
Senior Managing Executive Officer and CMO, Nestlé Japan Ltd.
General Manager, Marketing & Communications Division

Education: BA in Economics, Kobe University

After graduating from Kobe University, Masafumi Ishibashi joined Nestle Japan Ltd. in 1985 and started his career in the sales division. After two years of experience at the Nestle Rowntree Div., Nestle UK, in 1992 he became Brand Manager in the Marketing Department for Nestle Mackintosh K.K (currently the Confectionery Business Group, Nestle Japan Ltd.). Subsequently, he spent two years in Switzerland at the Confectionery Strategic Business Unit, Nestle S.A. before taking the Marketing Manager's position in Nestle Confectionery K.K. in 2005, later making a success of the "KIT KAT Juken Campaign". In 2009, he took up the post of Managing Executive Officer, Communications & Marketing Excellence Div., Nestle Japan Ltd., and later moved to Chief Marketing Officer in 2012. Since 2017, he has served as a Senior Managing Executive Officer.
Satoshi Hirose
MSIA, Carnegie Mellon University
BA in Economics, Keio University
Mr. Hirose Satoshi is a professor and the Dean at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. He teaches Finance, Financial Reorganization, Global Strategy, Leadership, and Management Philosophy for both the Japanese and English MBA programs. Before joining GLOBIS, Mr. Hirose turned around and launched a new business as SVP/Co-COO of BELLSYSTEM24, the largest CRM company in Japan, after it was acquired by Bain Capital. Read more

If you are a GLOBIS student or alumni please register from the Virtual Campus.

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