“Leadership Strategy” MBA Trial Class in Cebu

Friday, October 21, 2022
19:30 - 21:30 (Philippine Standard Time)
with Satoshi Hirose Register Now Details

Join this free event to experience an MBA class with Japan’s No. 1.

At this event, we will explain all about our top-ranked MBA programs, both on-campus in Tokyo and online, and create an opportunity to experience a free MBA trial class on leadership.

In the current business environment where the role of leadership has shifted from control to motivation, those with a clear mission are the ones who thrive as leaders. As a result, success no longer revolves around just profit, but about achieving a purpose and empowering the individual.

During this interactive trial class, GLOBIS lecturer and Dean of the English MBA Program, Satoshi Hirose, will teach you how to lead your career with purpose and become an effective leader through utilizing one of the GLOBIS MBA core philosophies - finding your personal mission. At this event, you will also:

At this event, you will also:

  • Learn about Japan’s No.1 MBA program and have your questions answered by our admissions advisor
  • Explore your career opportunities through our partnerships with over 144 companies
  • Find out how you can apply and get tips for a strong application
  • Discover our scholarships and loan options for overseas students

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  • Date
    Friday, October 21, 2022
  • Time
  • Where
    Cebu Parklane International Hotel
  • Registration Fee
    Free of charge
  • Language


  • 19:00
    Reception and Individual Q&A
  • 19:30
    Introduction to GLOBIS
  • 19:45
    “Leadership Strategy” MBA Trial class
  • 20:45
    Program information
  • 21:30
    GLOBIS Alumni voice


Satoshi Hirose
MSIA/MBA, Carnegie Mellon University, BA in Economics, Keio University Mr. Hirose Satoshi is a professor and the Dean at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. He teaches Finance, Financial Reorganization, Global Strategy, Leadership, and Management Philosophy for both the Japanese and English MBA programs. Before joining GLOBIS, Mr. Hirose turned around and launched a new business as SVP/Co-COO of BELLSYSTEM24, the largest CRM company in Japan, after it was acquired by Bain Capital. Read more


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