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Top Business Professionals

Our lecturers have actual management experience in a wide array of industries. Many of them received MBA degrees from top business schools and can closely relate to students’ experiences.

Excellent Facilitation Skills

All GLOBIS faculty possess excellent facilitation skills—one of our biggest requirements when selecting new lecturers. As most of our classes are discussion-based, it is extremely important for lecturers to guide the discussions and make sure everyone had the opportunity to contribute to class. They truly enable students to cross the line between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing.’

Passion for Students’ Growth

Lecturers at GLOBIS are dedicated to students’ personal growth and future success, and continue to support them even after graduation. Lecturers are also easily accessible, and often enjoy an after-class drink with their students. Long-lasting friendships and business partnerships between lecturers and students are not uncommon.

Jorge Calvo
GLOBIS University, Deputy Dean
PhD Management and Business Administration, Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University
"By joining our classes, you will acquire a new strategic mindset, plus some of the most indispensable skills in your executive leadership or entrepreneurial career."
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