Akira Morio

Akira Morio

LL.M., Harvard Law School
BA in Law, Kyoto University


Mr. Morio was engaged in merger and acquisition advisory activities at the Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) and Goldman Sachs during 1987-1994. His professional career also includes Asia-Pacific Business Development Director of Rubbermaid Inc., an Ohio-based plastic houseware company, and Corporate Planning/IR Director of the Culture Convenience Club, where he was involved in a joint venture and IPO. Mr. Morio has been an independent consultant since 2000. Current positions include management advisor of Nishimura & Asahi law firm, and outside board member of several companies.

Faculty Message:

"If you wonder “Why do I need to study finance at a Japanese school?”, welcome to my class! In the Financial Reorganization course, we cover M&A, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization topics. You will learn financial practices of US investment banks and companies as compared to those in Japan/Asia. The recent world financial crisis may have revealed to us that the US-style finance theories and skills require an overhaul. I look forward to exchanging various views on capitalism, free-market mechanism, shareholder activism, and what to do with the “greed of Wall Street”!"

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