Darren Menabney

Darren Menabney

Critical and Analytical Skills
BS, Astronomy and Physics, University of Toronto
MBA, GLOBIS University


Mr. Menabney was born in the UK but grew up and lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Astrophysics, he spent over 20 years working for the federal government in Canada, at the departments of Revenue, Industry, Foreign Affairs, and Defence. Mr. Menabney’s roles were consistently outward-looking, focusing on building and strengthening partnerships between government, the private sector, and academia, both domestically and internationally. His positions encompassed communications, business development, intellectual property management, technology licensing, R&D partnerships, international relations, and strategy. Seeking to take his career in a new direction, Mr. Menabney moved to Tokyo in 2011 and enrolled in the Part-time MBA Program at GLOBIS. Since graduating in 2013, Mr. Menabney leads and manages global HR programs at Ricoh Company, Ltd, focusing on employee engagement, top talent development, and helping globalize Ricoh HQ staff.

Mr. Menabney has given hundreds of presentations to diverse audiences, constantly refining and improving his skills. He has developed a national outreach strategy for the Canadian government, boosting awareness and usage of R&D programs by Canadian industry. He has worked as a business skills trainer at top Japanese companies and government agencies, instructing business leaders, military officers, and ODA staff on how to create compelling presentation slides, deliver effectively, handle audience questions, and boost their confidence. He works with the start-up community in Tokyo, coaching entrepreneurs on how to better present and pitch their ventures.

Faculty Message

Communicating your ideas and persuading others is critical to your success as a leader and business professional, whether as an entrepreneur, an employee of a large firm, or member of the public or not-for-profit sectors. No one is born as a natural presenter, it comes with a lot of work, practice, learning from your mistakes, and learning about yourself. My goal is to help you build your confidence and ability to present effectively, clearly, and persuasively, to a global audience. Find the uniqueness which you bring to your presentations, strengthen that, and use it to persuade, inform, and inspire others!