Faculty Activities

Our faculty, who stand at the forefront of business, share their wealth of knowledge and experience through various publications. The list below features some of their recent publications including books, articles, research papers, and keynote speeches.


Journey of the Future Enterprise: How to Compete in the Age of Moonshot Leadership and Exponential Organizations (English Edition, 2020)


Author: Jorge Calvo  

Evolución Estratégica del Supply Chain Management de la Eficiencia a la Agilidad (Spanish Edition, 2018)


Author: Jorge Calvo

Wa, claves para la cultura corporativa japonesa (Spanish Edition, 2018)​


Author: Jorge Calvo



Author: Toru Takahashi

KOKOROZASHI: The Pursuit of Meaning in Business (English Edition)


Author: Tomoya Nakamura, Kenya Yoshino 

100分でわかる! 決算書「分析」超入門 2022


Author: Yoshitaka Saeki

バリュエーションの教科書: 企業価値・M&Aの本質と実務


Author: Akira Morio

The Culture Map



Translation supervision:

Megumi Taoka 


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Articles / Papers


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