Gil Chavez

Gil Chavez

Critical and Analytical Skills
Marketing and Strategy
Management Philosophy
MS in Mass Communications, University of Kansas
BA, Colorado College


A highly experienced consultant and professor, Gil has worked with many top executives and brands, while being instrumental in the development of the GLOBIS MBA program, developing and delivering courses, advising marketing and recruitment, and training of new faculty.

Originally, from the U.S., he began his career in Asia in corporate and marketing communications at IBM Asia Pacific in Tokyo. He later returned to the U.S. where he was a professor of advertising and public relations at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), and an analyst for Nortel Networks.

He returned to Tokyo in 2001 as managing director for Hill and Knowlton, where he was responsible for leading new business, maintaining global and regional client relationships.

He has taught at GLOBIS since 2008.

Faculty Message:

"The ability to assess a given situation, to quickly sift through data to identify key factors, is essential in any profession. In business, it is the foundation of management and leadership. Without the ability to make sense of numbers and to understand what they mean, a manager is lost. But it isn’t enough to make sense of the numbers. A manager must also be able to explain these numbers to others and have them understand why and how he or she reached his or her conclusion. The analytical courses – critical thinking and quantitative analysis – help GLOBIS students do this. Lacking this ability, a person cannot lead. In order for people to believe in you, they must first believe you. Hence, critical thinking and quantitative analysis courses are the foundation of business leadership."

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