Interview : Gil Chavez

Gil Chavez

President and Founder, BC Consulting
Critical and Analytical Skills
Home region:
MS in Mass Communications, University of Kansas

Teaching is like an act of encouragement - challenging the student to do something they are not inclined to do - to break the mold

Why you teach

Gil Chavez TeachingTeaching can be an enormously rewarding endeavor, or an enormously frustrating one – often in the same day. There are, of course, numerous personal benefits that may come from teaching. It makes you more thoughtful, more patient; your manner and speech may take on an air of erudition that's usually not there when you're not teaching. But in the end, teaching at its best is an act of generosity and whatever you get back from the students is their decision. If the students teach me something, or if they make me a better person than I was the day before I entered their classroom, then I am grateful, but that isn't why I teach. I teach because if one has the ability to teach, then it is one's duty to do so regardless of personal gain or even loss.

Gil Chavez TeachingTeaching is as an act of encouragement – challenging the student to do something they are not inclined to do – to break the mold. In the end, my objective is to get students to make a conscious decision to become better than they are at what they do. In making that decision they begin a sometimes hard, difficult journey, which is its own reward.

Why teach at GLOBIS

Gil Chavez InterviewTeaching at GLOBIS is an exceptional opportunity because we have this very successful Japanese MBA program that has taken aim at becoming successful internationally. Moreover, the students here are different in some particular ways. The students at GLOBIS tend to be worldlier than students at other programs. Most have considerable business experience, which makes them tougher and helps them to tackle problems more aggressively and, usually, more effectively. They don't mind being pushed. In fact, they demand it. Though they may be quaking inside, they stand their ground and face down any challenges put in front of them. Another characteristic is that they have no sense of entitlement; that somehow they deserve a great grade simply by breathing. No, GLOBIS students understand hard work and don't blink when confronted with it. When I first started teaching here, I worried that they were too serious, but then we went out after class and I saw that they were fine. They take it all with a sense of humor. This is particularly important when they haven't done as well as they feel they should. They have to able to laugh it off and come back the next day just as determined as before. It seems without exception that they do.

Messages to future applicants

Making a decision about your MBA or your career always takes time and thought and so here are some things for you to consider: If you're in Tokyo and you have a strong interest in an international MBA that is highly respected by Japanese corporations, then GLOBIS has to be one of your finalists. If you feel that networking is a key component of your education, then GLOBIS will have to be one of your finalists, again. The students come from the best companies and they tend to be some of the best people, too. Lastly, if you are looking for an MBA that focuses on learning by doing, then GLOBIS has to be a serious candidate as well. GLOBIS emphasizes participation -- student interaction and discussion -- over lecturing, which should be welcome news to any prospective student.