Interview: Mark Lee Ford

Mark Lee Ford

GLOBIS Corporate Training Lecturer,
Graduate School of Management,
GLOBIS University President and Board Director, The Moneo Company
Strategy and Venture
Home region:
PhD, MS Aerospace Engineering (Boston University)
MBA (Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business)
BSc Astrophysics (University of Toronto, Trinity College)

If you have a desire to create something with others as a leader, but not be a leader just for the sake of leading, seek us out.

Why did you choose to teach at GLOBIS?

Mark Lee Ford explainingA mutual friend of a GLOBIS professor and me introduced us for an exploratory chat on avenues to collaborate. That led eventually to a position as professor. I always try to accept opportunities to teach. Not only do such opportunities help me to learn the subjects better, they also keep me immersed in the latest trends and developments from the students' experiences. So, I do it for selfish reasons: to learn and to have fun among talented young people while doing so. And I get paid for this -- a pretty good deal, wouldn't you say?

What kind of people study at GLOBIS?

Mark Lee Ford teachingThere are as many "kinds of people" as there are students at GLOBIS. Each in their own way is interesting.

I am most captivated by students who are trying to achieve life balance, professional freedom, and a return superior to the market by means of their own venture. For those people, it is less a journey about learning the mechanics of venturing as it is being able to face oneself, trying to overcome one's personal biases and irrationality while leading others to co-create something that one would not be able to create alone.

What message do you have for prospective students?

If you have a desire to create something with others as a leader, but not be a leader just for the sake of leading, seek us out. The MBA degree is just a way of keeping score in that journey. Those who want an MBA only as a kind of "admission ticket" to get a promotion or a certain kind of job or to get more money should look elsewhere.

Can you tell me about a time that stands out to you as a high point experience as a lecturer at GLOBIS?

That is easy. Every time my classes pass through the crucible of our own "Dragon's Den" in a venture pitch competition, it is an exhilarating experience. Our panel of judges, handpicked from a cadre of senior leaders from various industries, act as a mirror whereby students are forced to face their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and creators. Though a harsh experience, it is done in the most charitable spirit. I have often been told by students that it is the single most profound and valuable experience that they had in their program of study, not just for obtaining an MBA, but for its utility in their lives after graduation.

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