Karl O’Callaghan

Karl O'Callaghan

Marketing and Strategy
MBA, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Japan
BA Combined Honours (French & Russian), University of Bradford, UK


Karl O'Callaghan has lived in four countries. He was born in the UK, spent time teaching in France and Russia, and came to Japan over twenty years ago. He joined Oxford University Press in Tokyo in 2004 as a consultative salesman, and was quickly given wider and more important areas to cover. After becoming manager of the Osaka sales office, he next took on the role of Marketing Manager, learning on the job while using his experience as a salesperson, customer, and decision maker.

The first three years as Marketing Manager brought lots of trial and error until Karl enrolled in GLOBIS. Then, there was more trial and error but he was able to apply some frameworks into his planning and thinking, which raised his game as a marketer, manager and leader.

Always striving for a bigger challenge, after obtaining his MBA from GLOBIS, he took on a wider role as Head of Marketing and Operations, UK Trade and Investment. In this role, Karl worked with UK and Japanese companies across all sectors in entering new markets.

In early 2016, making use of his extensive consulting and external trade experience, he started a market entry and strategy consultancy. He has helped companies in sectors as diverse as education, pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity, tourism, and food and beverages.

Being a graduate of GLOBIS, Karl understands how difficult it is to juggle work, family, friends, and study. But he also knows first-hand how rewarding it is to learn new things and try them in the real world of business.

His personal mission (kokorozashi) is to guide others to shared understanding for a better world, helping them achieve their daily and life goals, and enabling them to create new opportunities across borders.

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