Meri Rosich

Meri Rosich

PhD, Excellent Summa Cum Laude with European Doctorate Mention Award in 3D Technology Innovation, VR, Universitat de Barcelona
MBA, London Business School
MA in 3D Arts, Universitat de Barcelona


Dr. Meri Rosich is CDO and VP/Head of Data Science at VISA Asia Pacific. She specializes in marketing innovation and strategic business transformation, leading teams for top global firms such as American Express, Bertelsmann, Samsung, and docomo's Oaklawn Marketing. Originally from Barcelona, Dr. Rosich has worked around the world in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Dr. Rosich is a co-founder of mobile publisher Quality Time, an adviser to technology start-ups, a mentor at incubation programs, and a teacher of MBA innovation courses. She is also passionate about inclusive leadership, being a board member of the United Nations Association leading the Women's team, an ambassador for the UN Women STEM program, and a co-founder of Female Founders, an NGO think tank on gender balance research and advocacy.

Dr. Rosich is also a research-driven author, blogger at CIO Magazine, and professor of Global Management Executive MBAs. Her research is centered around three areas. The first being Industry 4.0, and how the growth of Cloud Big Data fuels innovation and reinvents industries using Machine Learning & AI. Second is Disruptive Innovation, and how successful organizations and governments are transforming for the future. Lastly, how new Tech Leaders transform and drive companies through culture change, enabling diversity and creating the future of work.

Outside of work, she enjoys mindfulness, practices wellness, and spends time with her family and two kids.