Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim

MBA, GLOBIS University
Bachelor of Arts (Dean's List) in Mass Communication, UCSI University


Michelle Lim is a seasoned Design Thinker with a flair for art. Hailing from Malaysia, the cultural diversity piqued her interest in reading between the lines and facilitating a better understanding between people of different background and experience.

She currently works as a Creative Consultant with JCE Japan Creative Enterprise, overseeing projects ranging from Inbound/Outbound Tourism to Talent Engagement, HR Strategy as well as Creativity.

She is also a Graphic Facilitator, helping team members and clients to connect the dots visually to facilitate learning and communication. Being a people person, she believes in facilitating meaningful communication between people and encouraging people to see beyond the present.

Prior to her role in Japan, she headed the Training Department of BrandAd Sdn. Bhd. Her passion in people has encouraged her to choose a different path, moving into Training and Development. She started the Training Department at ePromode Sdn. Bhd. (sister company of BA) before coming to Tokyo for her MBA at Globis University, Japan.

Faculty Message:

In order to harness your potential, be open to learning new things. If you’re young, make a friend twice your age and learn. If you’re more mature, find someone half your age and learn something new from them.

Let creativity take you to greater heights as you seek to connect the dots and make an impact on the human life.

Be afraid not of hard work, but of an idle life. For an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

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