Oshima Hirohide

Oshima Hirohide

Critical and Analytical Skills
MBA, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
BA in Law, Nagoya University


Mr. Oshima has worked for Tokyo Bank (currently Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank) and was engaged in selling marketable bank products and fundraising US dollars. He then moved to Goldman Sachs Securities and was involved with M&A advisory services. He was engaged in corporate strategy, restructuring, and global fundraising at Toyota Financial Service, a financial company which has control of Toyota-related financial services. He joined GLOBIS in 2007.

Mr. Oshima created a business plan for cost-effective and high-quality English education utilizing outstanding human resources from abroad and took second place in the Business Plan Contest during his study at the Darden School. In 2002, he founded Manabi Corporation and is currently working as an advisor.

Faculty Message:

I believe that class is a place to make mistakes where you have a chance to practice. 

You do not want to make mistakes in real business settings. Your active participation will enhance your ability to think deeply, to express your idea, and to interact with people well. 

Looking to each class, "Business Facilitation" has many roll plays to experience business situations. Lots of roll plays give you insightful experience which is close to real business experience. 

"Global Perspectives" is to broaden your perspectives in this global business environment. 
Again, your participation based on your diversified experience will be one of the critical elements to enhance our learning in the class. 

I look forward to meeting you at both of classes so we can study together in order to Enhance your skill and mindset in your career!