Top business professionals with on-the-ground experience

Our lecturers have practical management experience in a wide array of industries. Many of them received MBA degrees from top business schools, meaning they can relate to your experience as an MBA student.

As a GLOBIS MBA student, you will learn from lecturers who have managerial experience at multinational companies such as McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, GE, Amazon, Apple, Boston Consulting Group, as well as company presidents, executives, and entrepreneurs from companies such as Christian Dior K.K. (Japan), SAP Japan, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, and A+E Networks (History Channel) Japan.

A strong grasp of concept and theory will help any businessperson build strategies to grow their business. However, you also need an understanding of what happens in the real world. In addition to advancing student knowledge, I provide that reality check for class participants.
John Flanagan


Facilitation skills to bring out your inner leader

As most of our classes are discussion-based, it is extremely important for lecturers to guide discussions effectively. That means encouraging a wide variety of ideas and extracting meaningful learning points. Every lecturer is vetted for facilitation skills to ensure you cross the line between knowing and doing.

At GLOBIS, student engagement is our top priority. Students actively participate in discussions, express their ideas, and learn from each other to broaden their perspectives. I stimulate the discussion by posing challenging questions, then guide my students toward key learning points. I enjoy cultivating diverse groups of students with different backgrounds, and I also learn from them along the way.
Megumi Taoka


Unrivaled passion for student growth and connection

Lecturers at GLOBIS are dedicated to your personal growth and future success, and that doesn’t stop after graduation. The mentors you gain remain accessible throughout your journey. Long-lasting friendships and business partnerships between lecturers and students are not uncommon.

I often join gatherings held outside of class and receive requests for personal consultations when students and alumni face struggles in their professional careers. I am always receptive to student voices. It is especially rewarding to hear updates from our alumni pursuing their kokorozashi after graduation. The GLOBIS faculty is here not only to teach, but to support our students and alumni in achieving their own kokorozashi. We want to make practical suggestions based on our experiences running companies.
Satoshi Hirose



Jorge Calvo
GLOBIS University, Deputy Dean
PhD Management and Business Administration, Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University
"By joining our classes, you will acquire a new strategic mindset, plus some of the most indispensable skills in your executive leadership or entrepreneurial career."
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