Ryoko Takei

Ryoko Takei

Marketing and Strategy
MBA, Columbia Business School, Columbia University
BA in Sociology, University of Tokyo


Ms. Ryoko Takei has over 20 years’ of experience as a marketing management and business development professional with significant achievements. Prior to joining GLOBIS, Ms. Takei worked as a marketing manager for blue-chip global companies including Dentsu, FIFA Marketing, McKinsey, and a worldwide entertainment company where she established various notable brands. At GLOBIS she is in charge of international marketing and student services. Ms. Takei also serves as auditor-secretary of the Japanese Society of Persuasion and Negotiation.

A truly diverse individual, Ms. Takei balances her life as a businesswoman with activities in music, primarily as a producer of classical music events and an award-winning opera singer who belongs to Tokyo Nikikai opera foundation. In addition to her regular performances as a opera singer, she currently serves as the representative of Foster Japanese Songs (an NPO), which serves to promote awareness of and appreciation of the vast canon of Japanese artistic songs and has been featured by media including the Wall Street Journal.

Faculty Message:

I personally believe marketing is fun as it is basically related to organizational growth -- the positive side of organizations. However, it is a professional process. When you conduct it, you need to know many theories and logical concepts and be accustomed to harmonizing these with the real world.

Is it art or science? This is a common question in the marketing world. As a person who also has a pure art profession, my belief is that any profession has both aspects. I think marketing is 80% science with a 20% sense of art, and I need 20% of science for my artistic profession. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts in my class.

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