Stefan Sacre

Stefan Sacre

Marketing and Strategy
Master of Science, Bonn University (Germany)
PhD, Technical University Berlin (Germany)
MBA, Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Dr. Stefan Sacre presently holds the position of CEO at Carl ZEISS Japan. Before assuming this post he served as senior executive at different high-tech companies in the fields of sensors, factory automation, and sealing technology.

Stefan has an academic background in physics (MSc), materials science (PhD) and business administration (MBA).

After his first arrival in Japan in 1992 he was continuously engaged in Japanese - German business affairs; more than half of that time residing in Japan.

Faculty Message:

Reporter interviews the highly successful CEO

Reporter: “How did you become a successful CEO?”
CEO : “Two words : good decisions.”
Reporter: “How do you make good decisions?”
CEO : “One word : experience.”
Reporter: “Where do you get experience from ?”
CEO : “Two words : bad decisions.”

Although wrapped as a joke, there is some wisdom in it as well. But how is this story linked with your MBA course ?

The classroom can provide a safe environment to exactly make that type of experience - including good and bad decisions. I want to provide the environment to allow such experienced-based learning and look forward to welcoming you in my class.

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