Shunichi Yamada

Shunichi Yamada

Accounting and Finance
MBA and MSIA, Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Tokyo


Mr. Yamada is Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and is in charge of product planning, marketing promotion, and solution advisory to both institutional clients and retail clients. He started his career at Fuji Research Institute, where he worked as a system engineer and management consultant. After that he studied at Carnegie Mellon University, before joining Goldman Sachs in 1998.

Faculty Message:

Finance is a kind of interaction between management and shareholders & banks. Management should be aware that they are managing precious capital contributed by shareholders & banks, and thus make decisions on behalf of them. We will learn valuation, investment and financing. Although there are many technical items in finance, I would like to focus on the qualitative background of why those technical items matter.