Takuro Ueno

Takuro Ueno

MBA, Yale University
MA in Economics, University of Southern California
BA in Political Science, University of Southern California


Takuro Ueno has over thirty years of experience as a businessman, management consultant, and economist. He began his career as an entrepreneur, did a stint at A.T. Kearney, and later developed new businesses for Time Warner. He has consulted to clients on a wide range of issues related to general management, corporate and business development, strategy, and world affairs. He also serves as a political economist at Ueno & Company. Takuro is a member of the American Economic Association.

Faculty Message:

"Throughout history, in conflict and peace, humans have faced, dealt with, and learned often from different countries, cultures, and peoples. Added to that, we now have an increasing number of organizations operating beyond national borders, helped in part by new technologies and improvements in existing ones. The world is becoming more complicated and even more complex than ever.

Globalization, for example, means different things to many countries, firms, and people, some say. If that is the case, I would like you to appreciate those differences. Others might say the world is now converging under what they call global standards. It may take years, if not decades before we come to understand what globalization is all about. By the way, it is quite possibly evolving at this very moment.

The world is in many respects beyond our comprehension, we often say. It may well be that we find it incomprehensible because we are looking at it from our perspective only. Let us make no mistake, at least there are as many perspectives as there are cultures on the globe. Well, this is one thing, among many, that I would like you to keep in mind."

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