Tomoya Nakamura


MBA, Harvard Business School
BA, Social Studies, Hitotsubashi University


Tomoya Nakamura started his professional career at Marubeni Corporation. Over the years, he reorganized an invested company at Advantage Partners (Buyout VC Firm) and served as senior managing director of Sun-Life Corporation. At Sun-Life, he introduced a progressive ESOP for more than 250 employees, including part-time workers.

At GLOBIS University, he served as dean of the English MBA Programs while starting the global training business. He continues to play the role of main facilitator in global training for various clients.

When he was a research associate of the General Management Unit of Harvard Business School, Tomoya wrote two HBS cases that apply Eastern philosophy to management. He co-authored KOKOROZASHI: The Pursuit of Meaning in Business and periodically writes for the online publication GLOBIS Insights.

Currently, Tomoya serves as president of GLOBIS USA, Inc. and teaches courses in corporate philosophy, Japanese management, and leadership.