Toru Takahashi

Toru Takahashi

Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Management Philosophy

Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Keiei Dojo

SEP, Stanford University
BS in Economics, Sophia University


After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Sophia University, Mr. Takahashi was employed by Marubeni Corporation, where he was primarily involved in overseas business development. During his career at Marubeni, he participated in infrastructure development projects in the Middle East. He also engaged in a wide range of business activities in Brussels, including management support, the development of logistics, and financing for business partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In March 2011, he became the head of GLOBIS Corporate Education, and later he began overseeing business development activities in the ASEAN region. As the head of GLOBIS Corporate Education, he is in charge of human resource and organizational development projects for corporate clients in the service, high-technology, electronics, telecommunications and IT sectors. He also delivers lectures on leadership and strategy at the GLOBIS Management School and is a popular speaker at corporate training seminars.