Yoshiro Ozeki

Yoshiro Ozeki

BA in Management, San Francisco State University
US Certificated Public Accountant (CPA)


Mr. Ozeki’s career is as follows: Arthur Andersen; Bank of America; Kumatani Gumi Co. Ltd.; CFO of Time Warner Entertainment Japan Inc.; CFO of Silicon Graphics Japan; CEO, CFO and COO of Columbia Music Entertainment; and Owner of Integrity Inc..

Faculty Message:

"When you face a corporate decline or even a crisis, how do you respond? How do you develop a strategic plan to mitigate or solve the situation? Your plan may include; what you’d do, in what order you’d execute, what you do not do, and your milestone and timeline among others. Each turnaround situation is unique and you must be able to customize your approach to it. Also please note in the turnaround situation, the time is of essence. This class will help you prepare better when you face the turnaround and must build your strategy fast. If you know beforehand a textbook approach and a checklist, your knowledge will assist you to make a head start."