Yoshitaka Saeki

Yoshitaka Saeki

Accounting and Finance
MBA, Harvard Graduate School of Business
BA in Politics and Economics, Waseda University


Mr. Saeki is a finance professional with over 20 years’ experience in financial business. He started his career at the Development Bank of Japan, a government financial institution, where he played a leadership role in technical assistance projects to China, Russia and other emerging countries, in cooperation with the World Bank and the Japanese government. Later, he joined AllianceBernstein, a US-based asset management firm, as an analyst and then as a Senior Vice President and portfolio manager. Currently besides teaching at GLOBIS, he speaks at seminars for public schools and various groups, and writes books on the basics of finance. He is a registered advisor of the Tokyo Council for Financial Services Information. He also runs an English school in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Faculty Message:

Finance can be one of the most challenging courses in that it requires extensive quantitative analyses and an accurate output of numbers. At the same time, it is rewarding because finance is an essential tool for managers who want to create values and measure them. Effective managers need to be able to make decisions and communicate in terms of numbers. In my class, I try to bring in real-world settings through vigorous class discussions. The more you are committed, the more you’ll find your learning experiences rewarding.

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