Full-time MBA Introduction System

Start introducing future visionary leaders today!

Every year, GLOBIS welcomes a diverse and energetic group of Full-time MBA students to our Tokyo campus. Many of these incoming students were introduced by GLOBIS alumni and students.

By inviting your friends and colleagues into our program, you give them an opportunity for a life-changing experience, while also expanding and improving the GLOBIS network, which we hope will one day be one of Asia’s best business networks.

In addition to the above benefits, GLOBIS would like to show its appreciation to those who introduce students into our Full-time MBA Program with a small reward.

Here is how GLOBIS students and alumni can make use of this system:

  1. You introduce your candidate using the following email: imba-info@globis.ac.jp
  2. If the person applies to the Full-time MBA, you will receive JPY 10,000 in form of an Amazon gift card.
  3. Should the person pass our screening and enter the Full-time MBA program, you will receive an additional JPY 20,000 in the form of an Amazon gift card.
  4. Upon entering the Full-time MBA program, your candidate will be invited to an exclusive dinner with Dean Tomoya Nakamura! If you are present in Tokyo at that time, or should we visit your country, you will be able to join as well.

Please note that this system is subject to change each year. There is no compensation for re-applying applicants if the system was used once before. Amazon gift cards can be distributed via Amazon.jp and Amazon.com.