Date: Sunday, October 28th, 2018
Place: GLOBIS University Tokyo Campus

GLOBIS Venture Challenge is an annual business plan competition for all GLOBIS students and alumni. The final presentation of the competition will be on October 28, 2018.


GLOBIS University will host the 6th GLOBIS Venture Challenge(GVC) for the following purposes:

  • To help more GLOBIS MBA students and alumni create better business plans and build start-ups. The GLOBIS community aims to give opportunities and support to those who want to grow mega ventures
  • To build a major entrepreneurial ecosystem around GLOBIS University and make it the center of start-ups in Japan

More Information

If you would like to apply, please read through the "Complete Guide" below before sending your application:

GLOBIS Venture Challenge 2018 Complete Guide (PDF)
Information  Session, June 26th


Companies that meet the following criteria are eligible to enter GVC:

  • At least one of its board members is a GLOBIS MBA student or an alumnus (excluding Pre-MBAs)
  • The company must be either 1) legally established (for at less than 3 years prior) or 2) have been established within one year
  • The applicant must declare that the company is willing to receive the investment from the GVC fund upon receiving an award
  • Nonprofit organizations are not eligible
  • At least one of the management members must commit to the business on a full-time basis ( not as a side/second job)
  • Final presentation should be delivered in either Japanese or English


  • Aug 20 - 28, 13:00: Entry for Preliminary
    Submit 1) Entry Sheet and 2) your business plan (A4 size PPT or Word including appendices, up to 20 pages) via email to
  • Sep 19: Preliminary Result Announcement
    • GLOBIS lecturers will examine all the plans, and choose the finalists
    • You will need to agree to the given terms before proceeding to the final presentation
    • Disqualified teams will also receive feedback via email
  • Oct 28: Final Presentation
    • You need to submit presentation materials at least one week in advance
    • The decisions will be made by the judges and the audience. We will announce the results at the end of the event.


The entry form is available now by clicking on the link below:

You will be required to fill out the following details to the entry form:
  • Team name
  • Company Status (Legally registered company/ Unregistered company)
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Website URL(if any)
  • Shareholder and number of shares
  • Stock price (at latest capital increase)
  • Number of other shareholders
  • Total number of shares owned by other shareholders
  • Business plan summary(400 characters or less)
  • Name of the GLOBIS MBA student/alumni who will manage the company FULL-TIME
  • The followings about the representative (leader) of your company:
    - Name
    - Year enrolled
    - Program
    - Students or Alumni
    - GLOBIS Email address
    - Roles, skills (achievements), and current duties within the board team. (400 characters or less)
  • The following details about the other member (if your company has more than two board members):
    - Name
    - Year enrolled
    - Program
    - Students or Alumni
    - Roles, skills (achievements), and current duties within the board team. (400 characters or less)



For further questions, please contact us at