Hitomi Michino

Hitomi Michino

Home country:
Industry Background:
Pharmaceutical company, Information Systems Div., IS Analyst

Why did you decide to do an MBA?

Hitomi talkingAt my company I joined a global project implementing BPM (Business Process Management). The project was exactly what I was looking for –– we, a team of diverse backgrounds and talents, communicate with headquarters in Germany and assist their corporate strategy from IT’s perspective. Here I found how tough it is to lead an international team. I didn’t know how to lead highly-qualified team members effectively, even though our goals are clear. So I felt that the time was right to build my international management skills. In particular, my key challenges are “leadership”, “international business skills” and “communication skills.”

What made you choose GLOBIS?

I considered three points when choosing my MBA program. It had to be international, practical and also flexible so that I could study without leaving my job. Among these, I found the practicality of the GLOBIS MBA to be the most impressive. The program focuses on real global business scenes through case studies.

Upon starting the program, I realized that I made the right decision. The classes are very interactive. We are pushed to come to our own conclusions for business cases through discussions with classmates with various business backgrounds, so I feel as if I were in a real business situation. I have one thing I keep in mind when doing my job, which is to “say the appropriate thing at the appropriate time in an appropriate way.” I can practice this repeatedly in the class. When I interact with classmates from other countries, discussions pick up more speed. Finally, I can immediately apply what I gain in the course to real work, which helps me as a professional.

The flexibility of the study period was also the key factor for choosing the GLOBIS MBA. We have a maximum of five years to finish the program. Based on my current workload, I am planning to finish my study in three years. This plan allows me to study thoroughly while committing to on-going projects at work.

I should also point out the passion I found in my fellow classmates, lecturers and the administration office, which gave me the final push to join this program. At my admission interview, I received many unexpected questions from Mr. Nakamura, the Dean of the GLOBIS MBA, on issues I had never thought about before, so it was clear he read my application essay with great interest. I was so impressed that I felt the interview alone was worth the experience of applying to the program. In addition while spending an entire day with my classmates, lecturers and administration office staff at the orientation event, I was moved by the “heat” we all generated. I realized that passion makes up a big part of studying business with real professionals.

What advice would you give to those considering joining the GLOBIS MBA?

Hitomi sittingGLOBIS is a place where I can feel passion and encouragement. I know it is not so easy to do work and study at the same time. But I believe that I can eventually create a positive spiral of learning and work by putting all the knowledge and experiences gained at the campus into practice in business. I also enjoy expanding my horizons by bonding with my classmates at study sessions and campus events. So please join us and embrace the unique experiences at GLOBIS!