Important information regarding January 2020 term on-campus courses

As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection inside and outside of GLOBIS University and to ensure the safety of all students and lecturers, we have decided to move our regularly scheduled on-campus January 2020 term courses to online. 

This page contains important information on how to take these online classes so please read the information below in its entirety. Should you have any questions, please contact the GLOBIS Student Services Office ( 

Please click on the relevant section for further details regarding the following:


  1. For those who will attend online classes
  2. Those who cannot attend upcoming online classes - Updated as of Mar 4
  3. About substitute class registration - Added as of Mar 4
  4. Use of GLOBIS facilities after Monday, March 02


1.For those who will attend online classes

  • Equipment Needed: Prepare all equipment (PC, headphones with microphone, web camera etc.) you need for taking online courses.
  • Perform a connectivity test of Zoom (the learning platform): Please check your internet connection and the functionality of your equipment  (headphones with microphone, web camera etc.) which you are going to use for online classes by joining a test session below.
  • Test sessions will be available on the following dates: March 02 (Mon.), 03 (Tue.), 05 (Thu.), 09 (Mon.), 10 (Tue.), 12 (Thu.) Time: 9:00-17:00 (JST)

To do a conductivity test during this time period, simply click here and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Online class operation manual: Please refer to the operation manual for detailed instructions such as file sharing, group work (breakout sessions), use of whiteboard, etc. Please read carefully before the orientation session and class. We advise keeping this manual on-hand during your class in case you need guidance on the platform features. To access the manual, click here
  • Join an Orientation for Zoom Operation: The GLOBIS Student Services Office would like to provide an online orientation for students who have never taken online courses using Zoom before.

You do not have to register on the Virtual Campus to participate in the the orientation session. The login for the orientation will be active approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

  • Orientation 1: Mar 2 (Mon.) 19:30-20:30 (JST) Login here!
  • Orientation 2: Mar 6 (Fri.) 20:30-21:30 (JST) Login here!
  • Additional basic technical orientation before the class: While we strongly advise you to attend one of the two orientations listed above, in the event you are unable to do so we will schedule a basic technical orientation before the class.  The orientation will be half-an-hour, starting 45 minutes before the class and ending 15 minutes before the class start time. For example:  Class Starting time: 19:00 (JST) -> Basic Technical Orientation: 18:15 - 18:45 (JST). 

Please login early, so that you have a sufficient amount of time to take part in the orientation.

  • Joining the online class: Log into the online class from a specified URL to be sent from the GLOBIS Student Services Office. 
  • Changes regarding the login instructions (updated as of Mar. 4)

BEFORE (Before March 3): Log in was via a designated URL - provided in the e-mails sent on Sun Mar. 1  (for Full-time MBA program courses) and Mon Mar. 2  (for Part-time & Online MBA courses) 

AFTER (As of March 4): Log in from the Virtual Campus 

How to log in: Go to Virtual Campus>Academic>My Courses>Class Details > Select the “Join Online Class” button for the corresponding Day

※We will no longer be sending an email with the login URL. Kindly join your online class through the Virtual Campus as instructed above. 

※Depending on the class the “JOIN” button might not appear at first. However, please rest assured that the button will definitely appear.  You can join the class up to 45 minutes before the class starts.

  • Inquiries and technical assistance: If a system problem occurs before or during your scheduled class session, you can contact the GLOBIS Student Services Office anytime up until the end of class through the following phone numbers: From Overseas: +81-80-2376-9667 Within Japan: 080-2367-9667.
  • For any issues outside of the class time, please call the GLOBIS Student Services Office on one of the following numbers: From Overseas: +81-3-5275-3826  Within Japan: 03-5275-3826
  • For students who have concerns about the environment in which they will take classes from such asbackground noise from small children in the house, workplaces with not place to take the online class, unable to return home before the class starting time etc.
  • As your microphone will be muted except when speaking, you can participate from any location without worrying about creating distracting background noises.  The following are examples of places where you can take the online class: home, conference room at your workplace, cafe,  family restaurant, car (while not driving). hotel (if you are on a business trip), co-working space , karaoke space etc.

2. Those who cannot attend online classes 

For those unable to attend online classes, please note and be aware of the below:

Those who have already applied for "Leave of Absence from a Course" or "Special Measures for Suspension of Attendance Due to Infectious Diseases": The Student Services Office will proceed based on your application. (No additional application is required).

Those who have not yet applied for "Leave of Absence from a Course" or "Special Measures for Suspension of Attendance Due to Infectious Diseases." : Please follow the application procedures as detailed below: 

  • Application Deadline: You need to apply within 2 weeks from your class.  If you miss this deadline, we will not be able to accept your application. 
  • Application Method:

Virtual Campus > Student Services > Academic > Leave of Absence from a Course

Virtual Campus > Student Services > Academic > Absence due to Infectious Diseases

  • Corporate Sponsored Students: Please contact the HR department of your company.

3. About substitute class registration 

Please note this information is only relevant to those registered for the Tokyo and Osaka Critical Thinking course, as same-term class substitution is not available for other classes.

BEFORE (Before March 3): Students could not register for substitute classes via the Virtual Campus 

AFTER (As of March 4): Students can now register for substitute classes via the Virtual Campus  

From Feb 28 (Fri.) until Mar 3 (Tue.) students were unable to register for substitute classes due to a system issue. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

※Those who have already applied for "Leave of Absence from a Course" or "Special Measures for Suspension of Attendance Due to Infectious Diseases" for the January term can still request to attend classes.

To make a request, please contact the Student Service Office. (The Student Service Office will check whether it is possible to attend the class or not. Kindly be informed that certain circumstances (e.g., report submission) might prevent you from being able to attend a class.)

4. Use of GLOBIS facilities beginning Mar 2 (Mon.)

After March 2 (Mon.), (even if you have made reservations) GLOBIS campus facilities will not be available. This includes the use of the lounges, study session rooms and library.  If you have study sessions and other activities, please consider holding them online. (We will inform you about facility availability starting in April once we have made this decision.)

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