Karl O’Callaghan

Karl O'Callaghan

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Oxford University Press
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Marketing Manager

Why did you want to obtain an MBA?

I was thinking about acquiring an MBA for a few years before I came to GLOBIS. Ultimately in business, the most important thing we do from day to day is make decisions, even if the decision is not to act at all. In my job, I always felt that although I was good enough to achieve results, I felt that there was something missing and that I could do better.

What attracted you to GLOBIS?

Karl talkingGLOBIS came top of the search results. The way that the marketing copy for the courses was written drew me in and made me want to read more. I spent about two hours that evening learning and reading a lot about GLOBIS. The school, its courses and the students sounded so diverse and interesting that I just had to try it out. And I liked the fact that I could try out up to 10 classes over a year before enrolling!

I still remember my first class on January 8th 2011 as a Pre-MBA student. We studied Strategy. It was the first time that I had studied since I had passed grade 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 2002. I actually ended the class with a headache, because (despite the advice of the lecturer not to think too hard and to keep it simple) I had not had the chance to think so hard in many, many years!

Tell us about your "personal mission."

My mission is as follows: "Regardless of how I feel: I will always be open-minded, proactive, positive, truthful and do what is morally right, giving my best effort so that I add value to the life of every person I interact with. Not only will I give, but I will take (learn) from every interaction."

On April 1st 2012 (the day I officially enrolled) I presented my mission to people other than myself for the first time ever. I had never even told my wife! There is something very strong about telling other people what you set out to do. In a way, it really makes you commit. I found that GLOBIS offers lots of opportunities to live up to promises and commit to society, like when I promised in my interview to create a club that would bring the students in the Japanese and international MBA programs together. More than half the members of my newly formed International Leadership Club are from the Japanese "GMBA" program.

How have your experiences been so far?

Fun because of the people. Thought-provoking because of the people. Unique because of the people.

What is your favorite class so far and why?

I have really enjoyed all of my classes so far. What I enjoy the most is that because we are from so many different countries that you can guarantee hearing perspectives and ways of thinking that on your own, you just would never have thought of!

I can think of tons of examples where applying this thinking has actually helped me to be a more effective businessperson, and even a better husband and father! And to finally answer the question: I really loved the Strategy and Quantitative Analysis classes the most.

What are GLOBIS lecturers like?

They are all excellent lecturers so far. And they all have real and practical experience in the business world. GLOBIS lecturers are not a group of out-of-touch academics, who have no idea what the real world is like.

What kind of classmates do you have?

My favourite proverb in Japanese is juunin toiro (ten people, ten colours). Nothing could describe GLOBIS better! I have made more new friends in the last year or so than during the rest of my life. And they are from more than 15 different countries.

Karl sittingWould you recommend GLOBIS?

Yes! In fact three of my colleagues just went to one of the trial classes. I think and hope it has inspired them to keep learning, wherever and whatever they want to learn.