Ki Tae Moon

Ki Tae Moon

Home country:
Republic of Korea
Company Name:
PLUS Corporation
International Sales Team
Senior Leader / Regional Marketing and Sales

Why did you want to obtain an MBA?

Ki Tae Moon talkingI have always wanted to obtain an MBA degree and one day I was introduced to GLOBIS by my Japanese wife, who recommended the school.

I always wanted to become a global business leader. However, I only had experience in sales and marketing and felt the need to acquire a broader range of knowledge including HR, finance and management as well as expanding my network. I believed that the GLOBIS MBA could enhance my skills and human network.

What attracted you to GLOBIS?

Before applying for the Part-time MBA Program, I tried a Pre-MBA course. In this course, I noticed that I had excellent classmates from various industries and international backgrounds, and that the way of teaching is very practical and what you learned could be immediately applied to your work.

Furthermore, GLOBIS was able to provide a very flexible course schedule; you can take courses during weekends, on weekday nights, and take substitute classes in case you miss a class.

What is your favorite class so far and why?

I like the Human Resource Management class for two reasons. First, the size of class is small as it has less than 20 students. This allows us to actively participate in discussions and share our opinions about cases and our current companies' situations.

Second, I enjoy the class and after-class discussions with my classmates on various topics. We often share our views on cases, review what we have learned and how it can be applied to our current situations at our own companies via our mailing list.

What are GLOBIS lecturers like?

GLOBIS lecturers are like a rainbow.

They have various colors as they have different teaching and communication styles.

For example, the lecturer I had for the critical thinking course had an active style of teaching and demanded proactive participation from all students.

Moreover, we had dinner and social activities together after class all the time. That made students become closer and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other.

What kind of classmates do you have?

My classmates have various backgrounds such as accounting, healthcare and many work for foreign companies. Socializing with people from different backgrounds always gives me new insights. I also enjoy my social activities by getting involved in clubs outside of class.

Would you recommend GLOBIS?

Ki Tae Moon sittingI would like to recommend the MBA program at GLOBIS. Here, you can experience the diversity of GLOBIS students and lectures while learning more about Japanese business culture. You can definitely expand your human network with like-minded people outside your workplace. Life is a journey. The first step is always the toughest.

I hope you can take that first step and become a leader of global business in the future.