Find your Kokorozashi

The Japanese concept of 志 (Kokorozashi) can be interpreted in many ways: will, motivation, ambition, a sense of purpose, or personal mission. It provides direction for both your career and personal life. We at GLOBIS feel it is vital for thriving business leaders to have this sense of purpose that goes beyond business. This is why we require students to develop their Kokorozashi as part of their MBA journey.

Developing your Kokorozashi, building your business skills, and expanding your network are the key steps to become a visionary business leader. Are you ready?

Be inspired by Kokorozashi followers

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How you can develop your Kokorozashi with GLOBIS

  1. Curriculum: GLOBIS offers courses designed to develop your Kokorozashi. To understand your motivations, your individuality, goals that inspire you and how to pursue them.

  2. Lecturers: Lecturers at GLOBIS are business professionals that are passionate about guiding their students and sharing their own knowledge and experiences of discovering Kokorozashi

  3. Inspiring Environment: Students are constantly surrounded with opportunities. GLOBIS boasts industry expert seminars; the G1 Conference for world leaders, and a Venture Challenge offering 10 million yen* in funding for winning pitches.

*amount awarded in 2018

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