8th annual G1 Global Conference aims to connect a “Fractured World”

Sunday marked the 8th G1 Global Conference!

“Connecting a Fractured World” was the theme this year, with panelists and attendees coming from all across the world. While fractures have been deepening and increasing between and even within nations, this G1 Global set out to connect brilliant minds with the purpose of global connection.

Much of the day was spent discussing how deep today's global fractures really are across politics, economics, social issues, technology, and other areas. Is it too late to prevent a global trade war? What led to the current sociopolitical divide in the United States? What will happen between employers and employees when robots are fully introduced? How can we create and maintain sustainable growth in Industry 4.0? Opinion leaders, corporate executives, and government decision-makers led a slew of panels to exchange ideas and solutions.

There was also a deep dive into the current affairs of Japan and how they can not only aid in bringing the world together, but thrive in a leadership role. Attendees explored Japan-related topics from tourism to Abenomics, from creative cities to supporting young entrepreneurs, all the way to the Japanese concept of omotenashi.

G1's mission has always been to bring leaders across different industries, sectors, and nations together to share and develop solutions to the world's problems. At the same time, G1 showcases Japan's potential on a global scale. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for articles and videos from the conference!

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