GLOBIS’ Last Seminar on Big Data Makes us Reflect on What is Next

GLOBIS Asia Campus had the privilege to host Dr. Meri Rosich, Chief Data Officer & VP of Data Science at a MNC in Singapore, for an exclusive seminar on Big Data & the future of business ethics.

The world is going through tremendous transformations and data is now considered as one of the most valuable resources. Now, more than ever, the matter of understanding how technology such as the internet of things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI) are correlated to big data is key.

Unquestionably, any company, whatever the industry or location, will be disrupted by the development of big data. Business models will need to be re-imagined to support what this technology entails: more volume, variety, velocity and veracity.

Big data also requires people, corporates and governments to rethink the governance and ethical model. The Cambridge Analytica data scandal is an example of data abuse that could occur more often. Meri, who has many years of expertise in marketing innovation and strategic business transformation, pointed out the painful fact that we may not be prepared to face these challenges yet.

In recent years, most countries across the world have created delegations and launched round-tables to consult on IoT, AI and the growing innovation of technology. However, discussions are not sufficient anymore. People are urged to act by upgrading their technology skills to counter the lack of manpower in the area while corporates are requested to create a "data-driven culture" with data science ethical principles.

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