What’s Your Kokorozashi?

GLOBIS Students Share Kokorozashi

Finding or continuing to develop one's Kokorozashi (personal mission) is part of the GLOBIS journey. This is a journey of self-discovery and change for many. To those of our students who have begun this path, we asked them the question: "What is your Kokorozashi?"

Myra Almilla

Nationality: Filipino
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: My dream is to become a Life Coach and I hope to inspire others and help them live a life that is well-lived. I believe that everyone was called to a life that is full of significance and purpose and I am determined to help you in order to achieve that! My MBA at Globis has inspired me to take action over my dreams and build confidence that I can do something to innovate and contribute some positive transformation to society.


Tomohiko Choraku

Nationality: Japanese
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: "In order to enjoy a 100-year life, I would like to start my own business in my 50s while working for a company. To pursue this opportunity, my Kokorozashi is to share happiness with people."




Micheal McKay

Nationality: Canadian
Residing in: Cambodia
Kokorozashi: "My passion is to help people reach their potential, in life and in business. Many people struggle to see the forest for the trees, but I can help them see the big picture, build strategies, and help them execute on a vision that otherwise seems impossible"


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