iRobot founder/CEO Colin Angle visits for a Top Seminar

Colin Angle took the GLOBIS Hall stage for a Top Seminar on The Future of Practical Robotics. Before delving into the future, attendees got a glimpse into iRobot's tumultuous past. They suffered (but learned from) over 14 failed business models and weren't profitable for the first eight years of their existence.

Mr. Angle's refusal to deviate from his personal mission of revolutionizing practical robotics eventually proved to be a massive success with the Roomba autonomous vacuum. “I’d rather fail in pursuit of a winning solution, than succeed and not change the world,” he said.

As for the future, iRobot is looking  to create a truly smart home. Angle envisions a domicile that will act as a partner to inhabitants, actively learning from their behavior in order to create an effortless at-home lifestyle. He also spoke on the necessity of healthcare robots in the near future to take care of the growing elderly population.

President Hori and attendees had the opportunity to engage Mr. Angle to which he provides for some insights to his management styles. According to him, the most important thing when starting a venture is surrounding yourself with people you trust, even if 100% of the skills aren’t there.

Thanks to Mr. Angle for his inspiring seminar and showing everyone that unapologetically sticking to their dreams can lead to success!

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