Studying Online – MBA Students’ Voice

Leveraging our technology and experience in online teaching, we were able to quickly move all courses online at unrivaled speed and scale with a minimal disruption to our students.

Ne Long and Alexander Rewey, Class of 2019 MBA Students, talk about their digital experience within the part-time online MBA program that they are currently pursuing at GLOBIS University.

Why did you choose an online MBA program instead of a traditional in-class experience? And why did you choose to study at GLOBIS University?

Ne: I chose to study online as I have a busy schedule and wanted to save time by not having to commute. My most important criteria when choosing a school were first, the class diversity in terms of gender, nationality and background. Second was, the relevance of the MBA curriculum in today’s work environment.
GLOBIS reflects these two components very well and that was how I decided to pursue my MBA program there.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of an online MBA program?

Ne: I believe the greatest advantage of an online MBA program is the given flexibility in space. With a good internet connection, you can study from anywhere, and this is particularly convenient during a business trip or on overseas travel. It allows you to get rid of the distance and geographical limitations.

Could you give us an example of how you apply your learning at work?

Alexander: Learning about environmental analysis frameworks and the kinds of questions that managers need to ask to make business decisions is new to me. It complements my daily job as I now try to think about industry competitiveness and businesses’ advantages while designing educational programs. It gives me a broader vision of what I am doing.

What would be a misleading idea that people have on online learning?

Ne: Many people think that the commitment required for an online MBA program is smaller than that for a traditional MBA. They are wrong: it is tough, especially the time and effort needed to prepare before each class. You need to stay on top of the discussion topics in order to be able to contribute and do well. After class, you also need to take the time to review what was discussed and digest all the information received.

What is the tool that you appreciate using the most during online classes? 

Alexander: When I take online classes, I especially like using the chat function to share ideas and comments with the class. It very much reminds me of similar features on social media and other communication platforms. Having conversations with one another freely while the lecturer is speaking might be difficult or considered rude in a traditional classroom, but as comments are shared online, they are manageable for instructors and students and often add value to the online discussions.

Many people are afraid to take an online program as they believe that they will not get the same interactions and relationships with their classmates. How is your bond with your classmates?

Ne: I believe that the current technology allows us to communicate as much as we would in person. Additionally, for online class, we can also use the “chat” function, which gives us time to think and let us share our opinions or questions while a lecturer or classmate is speaking. This is not a “luxury” that you have in an on-campus class and I would say our discussions and interactions can get deeper that way.
Beside the official class time, we also organize “e-study” or face-to-face study groups, which allow us to meet in person whenever we want. Holding parties and having coffee together are of course something that we do regularly too!

Alexander: I take both online and on-campus classes. In the online classes, I come across many more classmates, whom I am often meeting for the first time. When we finally do meet in person, I feel like I know them already!
Online classes do not prevent you from building a bond with your classmates. The relationships you create are real. Online classes just give you more of an opportunity to meet seamlessly with people across the world.

How do you think online learning will redefine the way we learn?

Ne: I believe people should follow the development of technology and make full use of it. Online learning is a way to enhance one’s education.
As a working professional with two young children, it would have been very difficult for me to study in a brick-and-mortar MBA program. Online learning makes it more convenient and, more realistic to balance with an already busy schedule. Without such a flexible and tailored online MBA program, I do not think that I would have had the courage to start such a journey!

Alexander: Online learning is changing and will continue to shape the way we all learn. Because its increasing availability is providing more access to education for everyone and with a wider reach, In the future, I believe that individuals will take a more proactive approach in developing their own skills. It will become easier, more convenient and more affordable to acquire new skills or update existing ones.

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