Webinar Report: Leadership in times of Crisis

Webinar: Leadership in times of Crisis

In these uncertain times, GLOBIS University is holding a series of webinars designed for students and alumni in developing the right mindset and finding opportunities  to thrive.

Last month, President Hori led a panel discussion with four alumni.

Here is the highlight of all the discussions, ending with an inspiring and positive message from Hori-san.

Wilson Chan (Full-time Class of 2012), Chief Executive Officer at Buyandship, provided the Hong Kong context talking about the  political protests and how the outbreak had brought his company more opportunities to expand its shipping services, especially in the healthcare industry.
The demand for medical supplies gave him the opportunity to ship millions of masks around the world.

Miko Tan (Full-time Class of 2012), Founder & CEO of TeamRed Security Inc. and Managing Director at Calveston International, Inc., talked about the strictly enforced lock-down in the Philippines and how local businesses were  impacted by the lockdown.
Although his hotel business is at a standstill, he reported a 300% increase in sales of his cybersecurity solutions.

Kazuhiro Muto (Leicester University joint program Class of 1999), Managing Director Panasonic Enterprise, at IBM Japan Ltd., explained how IBM decided to communicate and  respond to the crisis by increasing remote work from home and leveraging their existing resources to overcome the current situation.
Finding new businesses in the higher education and healthcare industries, as well as providing the technology to support organizations and research that are fighting the virus, is part of the business vision and social responsibility that IBM chose to take part in.

Nanae Obara (Part-time Class of 2009) , CMO at AXA General Insurance Company Limited, related how companies that successfully shifted to digitalization were better prepared to stabilize their business during the crisis.

To conclude, President Hori encouraged participants to be active players during the crisis and use creativity and innovation to find and move to a new normal. He also talked about positive transformations such as digital shift, remote work, energy savings and the improvements in sanitary conditions.

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