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2021 GLOBIS Venture Challenge (G-CHALLENGE)

January 31st, 2022|Community News
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3 winners at GLOBIS Venture Challenge 2021 Final Presentation

The Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University held the final presentation of the GLOBIS Venture Challenge (G-CHALLENGE) 2021, a business plan contest for current students and graduates, at its Tokyo Campus on Sunday, January 30.

The G-CHALLENGE is designed to encourage current students and graduates who want to start their own businesses. It provides a place to compete and support start-up funds. In addition, the program aims to help these companies grow into mega ventures in the future. The Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, and GLOBIS Corporation will establish a fund for the investment. The grand prize-winning teams will be awarded the opportunity to receive an investment of up to 10 million yen. Judging criteria focus on the business plan’s marketability, competitive advantage, feasibility, and potential for profitability, as well as whether it is in line with GLOBIS’s educational philosophy, including its social nature and the will and aspirations of its management members.

This year, 33 teams applied, and 8 teams made it to the final presentation. They utilized their knowledge from their MBA studies at GLOBIS and took full advantage of the post-graduation support system for entrepreneurs. This year we were excited to see 2 of the finalists from the English MBA:  Micheal MCKAY (GLOBIS Part-time English MBA 2020), representing Beebee+Bongo and Mitsunori KISHIMOTO (GLOBIS Part-time English MBA 2020) representing Remake Tree.

After reviewing the presentations of the 8 finalist teams, 3 teams won the Grand Prize.


「G-CHALLENGE 2021」Winning team profile (In presentation order)


Representative: Masayuki Subaru OKABE(GLOBIS Part-time MBA 2021, Tokyo Campus)

Overview: By promoting DX in infrastructure maintenance operations such as bridges and tunnels, we want to reduce the number of infrastructure accidents to zero and save people from suffering from such accidents. 

memosill Inc.

Representative: Takashi NISHIZAWAGLOBIS Part-time MBA 2016, Tokyo Campus)

Overview: We are living in an era where 50% of the population gets cancer once in their lives. Our company aims to create a sustainable support system for those affected by cancer.


Representative: Yuuki KANADA(GLOBIS Part-time MBA 2021, Online)

Overview: We will create a system that allows anyone to easily buy and sell digital works with NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which requires difficult technical terms and knowledge.

Further Entrepreneurship Support at GLOBIS

The Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, supports entrepreneurship in various ways, both in-school and post-graduation, including courses in “creation” which draw on successful examples of venture companies. For those who are preparing to start their own businesses, we provide mentoring and support. Many current students and graduates who aspire to start their own businesses interact with each other through the GLOBIS Entrepreneur’s Club (GEC), a school-approved club activity with 3,129 members.

In October 2018, GLOBIS launched the GLOBIS Alumni Growth Investment (commonly known as G-GROWTH), an investment program for venture businesses started by current students or graduates. Under this program, GLOBIS invests up to 100 million yen per company on the condition that the company has raised a cumulative total of 100 million yen or more. As of today, we have invested in eight companies.

In addition, in April of 2019 GLOBIS launched G-STARTUP, an accelerator program for startups aiming to become unicorn companies that are expected to grow into Japan’s leading venture companies in the future will be selected, and lectures will be given by successful entrepreneurs and venture support experts. 

Through the G-CHALLENGE, G-STARTUP, and G-GROWTH programs, the entire group supports entrepreneurship, startup business development, and venture business growth, and is vigorously promoting the construction of a venture ecosystem.

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