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Alumni Launch Chapter for GLOBIS MBA Community in Europe

July 2nd, 2024|Community News
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GLOBIS alumni launch European MBA Community Chapter

On July 1, 2024, graduates of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Sven Van Stichel (English Part-time MBA 2014 intake) and Kenya Irie (Japanese Part-time & Online MBA 2020 intake), officially launched the European Chapter for the GLOBIS MBA community in Brussels, Belgium.

The European Chapter will serve the following groups within the GLOBIS MBA community:

  • Alumni and students possessing European nationality
  • Alumni and students residing in Europe regardless of nationality
  • Alumni and students who have significant professional or personal ties with Europe but do not fall into the above categories

In terms of activities, the European Chapter will primarily aim to:

  • Build a Community: Focus on developing each other’s kokorozashi (personal mission), enable lifelong learning, and provide mutual support.
  • Encourage Networking: Provide a platform for professional networking, business collaboration, and cultural exchange.
  • Host Learning Events: Organize events and activities that help members develop both personally and professionally.
  • Facilitate Communication: Act as a link between GLOBIS University and other Chapters to ensure ongoing engagement and information sharing.

Kenya and Sven will be hosting an info session this summer to share more about what the European Chapter has to offer and to welcome ideas for building a sustainable growth platform.

For further information on the European MBA Community Chapter, visit GLOBIS Europe’s website 
or contact Sven Van Stichel directly at