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GLOBIS Welcomes 105 MBA Students!

September 7th, 2021|Academic News
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GLOBIS kicked off the 2021 Academic year by welcoming 105 new students, from 31 different countries to the English MBA Program.

The ceremony was held in a hybrid format, allowing our online students and Full-time students from overseas to join virtually.

We look forward to seeing our students grow over the next years into leaders while moving forward in finding and developing their kokorozashi. As Joran Touati, the Full-time MBA Program representative, said, “We are on a mission, using our fruitful experience at GLOBIS to achieve our own vision, to create our own career in line with our kokorozashi. Taking part in the GLOBIS community is not only a privilege, but a mission. We are here to become leaders and to lead changes all around Japan, Asia, or the world.”

We hope the journey ahead for our students will truly be one of learning, growing, striving for greatness, and overcoming the unexpected that has become so prevalent in today’s world.

As Simon Oss, a representative speaker for the Part-time students put it: “It is obvious that lifelong learning is not just a mere rhetorical phrase, but more important than ever to succeed in today’s global economy.”

Further details of the 2021 entrance ceremony can be found on the official GLOBIS press release here.