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Thinking About New Business Ventures for SOMIC

July 5th, 2022|Community Stories
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GLOBIS 2022 Corporate Mentorship Program Sponsored by SOMIC

The Corporate Mentorship Program (CMP) at GLOBIS is an industry-academia collaboration in which students with highly diverse backgrounds propose feasible solutions to real global management issues.

This year’s CMP program was sponsored by SOMIC, one of Toyota’s major automotive parts suppliers. SOMIC president Mr. Shogo Ishikawa, and Dean of the English GLOBIS MBA Program Satoshi Hirose, led the course together.

During the three months from April to June 2022, 15 students from the Philippines, India, Canada, Australia, and other global countries were divided into three teams. They researched new business opportunities by immersing themselves and becoming SOMIC employees during class.

On the final day, our students successfully presented their new business proposals for SOMIC’s new business to Mr. Ishikawa, the presidents of overseas bases (SAI in the US, SZCPL in India), and young mid-career members. The winning team will give a presentation to SOMIC in July.

This program was a great collaboration with students to immerse themselves and think about new businesses. It was also the first time in SOMIC’s 106-year history to collaborate as a corporate partner with a business school.

Thank you to the SOMIC Group and everyone who attended as well as Mr. Ishikawa who put in great effort to provide tremendous support to our students. We hope to continue to have a fruitful partnership with SOMIC and to contribute to Japan’s globalization in the corporate world as we strive to help our students become tomorrow’s visionary leaders.

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