Admission Info



Applicants to GLOBIS University need to satisfy the following requirements at the time of entrance.
If you do not meet one or more requirements, you will be required to undergo a Preliminary Screening.

  • Be at least 22 years of age
  • Have at least two years of full-time work experience
  • Meet ONE of the following criteria:
  1. Received a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university.
  2. Completed a 16-year curriculum of school education in an institution outside of Japan and possess a degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree or higher.
  3. Received confirmation from GLOBIS University that your academic capacity is equivalent to that of a university or college graduate.

Application Process

Admission will be decided after a review of your credentials through (1) an initial screening phase (mainly of the submitted documents) and (2) a second screening phase (mainly through an interview).

(1) Initial Screening Phase

The application documents need to be submitted to the Admissions Office through our Online Admission System by 6:30pm Japan Standard Time, of the deadline dates. For application deadlines please refer to the Key Dates for Admission section. Applications submitted by e-mail, fax or mail cannot be accepted.

(2) Second Screening Phase

Applicants who successfully pass the initial screening phase will proceed to an interview. You will be notified by email when the results are finalized and will be able to check the results, along with the interview dates, on your Online Admission System. Applicants are asked to keep their schedules open during the relevant interview periods indicated in the table on the Key Dates for Admission section.


For applicants living in Japan: You will need to join a face-to-face interview (30 minutes).
For applicants living overseas: You will need to join a Skype or telephone interview (30 minutes).
Exemption: Applicants may be exempt from the interview depending on the result of the initial screening phase.

Background Screening

Applicants who passed the initial screening and require GLOBIS University to sponsor a student visa are required to undergo a background screening.

The background screening will be conducted by the vendor designated by GLOBIS University and will be initiated once the applicants receive the initial screening result.

Any discrepancy between the information reported during the application process and information verified through the background screening may be grounds for rescinding acceptance to the 2018 Full-time MBA Program.

An offer to the MBA Program will not be final until the background screening is complete with results deemed as satisfactory.

Final Results and Enrollment Registration

You will be notified by email when the admission results are finalized. You will be able to check the results and download an Acceptance Letter and Enrollment Guide on your Online Admission System. Be sure to complete the enrollment registration by the deadline described in the Enrollment Guide.

Please note that we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding application results (including over the phone).

Required Documents

  • Applicants can submit all of the documents through the Online Admission System.
  • Documents written in languages other than English are NOT ACCEPTED, except where otherwise prescribed.
  • If the document is written in a language other than English, please attach an English translation signed by a translator.

Personal Data (required for all)

  • Fill out your personal data, work experience and academic record as requested on the Online Admission System.
  • Make sure to show that you possess more than two years of full-time work experience (work experience during a study period will not be regarded as "full-time" work experience unless an acceptable explanation is provided illustrating how both commitments were managed). Otherwise, you will need to undergo a preliminary screening.

Photo (required for all)

  • Upload a high resolution digital image in JPEG format (must be 500KB to 2MB).
  • Should be a headshot with no hats or other irregular headgear in front of a white or blue background and taken within the last three months. The photo will be used for your Student ID Card.

Letter of Recommendation (required for all)

  • One letter of recommendation is required.
  • By sending a request from the Online Admission System, your recommender will be able to receive a link to download a recommendation letter form and upload it to the system.
  • If your recommender is unable to make the submission online, you can receive the original letter signed and sealed by the recommender and send it to the Admissions Office by registered air or express mail by the application deadline.
  • The recommender should be a supervisor or person who has or has had a close business relationship with you.

Transcript (required for all)

  • Upload a transcript of your bachelor's degree (master's/doctoral degrees are additional and optional).
  • If you are a Preliminary Screening applicant and do not have a bachelor's degree, you will need to upload a transcript of your highest level of education where you received a diploma (e.g., high school diploma).
  • The transcript must include a list of all courses you completed and the grades you received.
  • You may upload a copy of your transcript; however, you will be asked to submit the original transcript should you be admitted to GLOBIS, and it will not be returned once submitted. A photocopy is only accepted if officially certified by a university or legal authority.

Certificate of Graduation

  • If the graduation date and the name of your obtained degree are stated in your transcript, it is not necessary to submit a Certificate of Graduation. Otherwise, you must upload a Certificate of Graduation for your bachelor's degree (master's/doctoral degrees are additional and optional).
  • Uploading a copy of your Certificate of Graduation is acceptable; however, you will be asked to submit an official Certificate of Graduation should you be admitted to GLOBIS, and it will not be returned once submitted. A photocopy is only accepted if officially certified by a university or legal authority.

Evidence of English Ability

  • Upload evidence of your English Ability issued within the last two years.
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS scores are accepted. (We strongly recommend the TOEFL test.)
  • You can be exempted from submitting the evidence if:
    a) You are a native English speaker and chose “English” as your “Native Language” on the Online Admission System.
    b) You received an undergraduate or graduate degree from a program taught entirely in English.

Please note: if you received this degree from a university NOT located in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom or the United States of America, please upload an official letter from your university or submit a link (enclosed in a word document) to the university’s web page clearly indicating that the program was taught entirely in English.

Essays (required for all)

  • Answer the essay questions on the Online Admission System.

GMAT/GRE Score Report (optional, but recommended)

  • Upload your official GMAT/GRE Score issued within the last five years.

CV (optional)

  • Upload your CV.

Summary and Evidence of Financial Resources (all non-Japanese applicants)

  • Non-Japanese applicants must prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their stay in Japan.
  • The evidence must show at least JPY 1.5 million per year, and if you bring your family member to Japan, evidence of additional JPY 500,000 per year per family member is required.
  • Download the prescribed “Summary of Financial Resources” form from the Online Admission System and declare the amount of your available financial resources.
  • Each amount indicated in the “Summary of Financial Resources” should be accompanied by any of the following supporting evidence:
    (i) Your Savings: your bank account balance issued within the past three months
    (ii) Your Supporter’s Savings: your supporter’s bank account balance issued within the past
    three months AND a signed “Letter of Financial Support”
    (iii) Others: if you have financial resources other than mentioned above, upload documents that prove the existence of such funds
  • Any of the above should include the issue date, your (or your supporter’s) name, account number and savings amount.
  • If the total amount of your financial resources is less than the required amount, please indicate your plan to fund the shortfall.

Residence Card (all non-Japanese applicants living in Japan)

  • Upload a scanned image or photo of both sides of your residence card.
  • Translation from Japanese is not required.

GLOBIS Scholarship Application (all applicants are eligible to apply)

  • Answer the scholarship essay question on the Online Admission System if you would like to apply.
  • Refer to Scholarships/Loans for the screening criteria and essay question.

Application Fee

  • Applicants living in Japan: JPY 37,000
  • Applicants living overseas: JPY 15,000
  • Credit card payment only. Cash payments are not accepted.

Policy of Returning Documents

Once submitted, we will not return any documents that can be reissued or replaced by other means. This includes the following: letter of recommendation, transcript, translation(s), notarized certifications, CV, evidence of financial resources, summary of financial resources, photocopy of residence card.

Essay Questions

The following essay questions need to be answered in your application. Please emphasize any international experience where applicable.

Q1. Tell us about a recent work or project experience about which you were passionate. Describe why you were passionate about the experience, how your skills and values contributed to the experience, and how you worked with others. (250 to 550 words)

Q2. Tell us about a challenging situation that you have personally faced. Describe concretely what you did about the situation as well as what you learned from it. (250 to 550 words)

Q3. Tell us about a long-term goal or vision for society and your plan to realize this vision. Describe specifically the source of inspiration for your vision, such as an inspiring person, book, or other experience. Describe how GLOBIS University and an MBA degree will help realize your vision and concrete steps make this vision a reality. (250 to 550 words)

Q4. Tell us about any volunteer activities, social activities, or school groups that you have been involved with. Describe the activity as well as your role and how long you were involved. Additionally, mention any academic and/or business awards you have received. (250 to 550 words)
Please note that Question 5 will appear in your Online Admission System, but you do not need to answer this question. It is for part-time program applicants only.

Key Dates

Round Application Deadline Initial Screening Result Notification Second Screening (Interview) Final Result Notification Deadline for Confirmation of Enrollment
November Nov. 8 (Wed), 2017 Nov. 22 (Wed), 2017 Dec. 9 (Sat) - 10 (Sun), 2017 Dec. 21 (Thu), 2017 Jan. 25 (Thu), 2018
February Feb. 7 (Wed), 2018 Feb. 21 (Wed), 2018 Mar. 10 (Sat) -11 (Sun), 2018 Mar. 22 (Thu), 2018 Apr. 12 (Thu), 2018
March Mar. 20 (Tue), 2018 Apr. 5 (Thu), 2018 Apr. 21 (Sat) - 22 (Sun), 2018 May 10 (Thu), 2018 May 24 (Thu), 2018
  • If you are asked to take an interview, the dates will be decided from the possible dates above. In principle, schedule changes will not be permitted unless the applicant makes a request to the Admissions Office on the Online Admission System when submitting the application.
  • Multiple applications within the same academic year for the following programs will not be accepted:
    - Part-time On-campus & Online MBA Program (English)
    - Full-time MBA Program (English)
    - Part-time MBA Program (Japanese)
    - Online MBA Program (Japanese)

Preliminary Screening

*This is only for applicants who do not meet the requirements.
If you are 22 years of age or more but do not meet the other requirements, you can still apply for the MBA Program, but will first need to pass the Preliminary Screening. The documents listed below need to be submitted through our Online Admission System by the deadlines shown in the following table. You will be notified of the results of the screening on the Online Admission System.

Applicants who have completed the Critical Thinking course in any language at either GLOBIS University or GLOBIS Management School with a grade of A, B, or C will be exempt from the Preliminary Screening. Those who are currently taking the Critical Thinking course and have not received the final results by the respective application date will NOT be exempted.

Preliminary Screening Process Schedule

Round Application Deadline Preliminary Screening Examination Result Notification
November Sep. 21 (Thu), 2017 Sep. 28 (Thu), 2017 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Oct. 4 (Wed), 2017
February Jan. 5 (Thu), 2018 Jan. 12 (Thu), 2018 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Jan. 18 (Wed), 2018
March Feb. 9 (Thu), 2018 Feb. 16 (Thu), 2018 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Feb. 21 (Wed), 2018

* Held in Tokyo. Applicants may choose to submit a GMAT or GRE score report instead of sitting this exam.

Required Documents for the Preliminary Screening Application

  1. Personal Data
  2. Photo
  3. Transcript
  4. Certificate of Graduation
  5. Evidence of English Ability
  6. CV (Optional)
  7. GMAT/GRE score report (ONLY if you are unable to take the Preliminary Screening Examination at our Tokyo Campus)

If you pass the preliminary screening, you will need to submit the remaining documents as described in Application Documents.