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The GLOBIS Full-time MBA is an accelerated, one-year MBA program in the heart of Tokyo. Full-time MBA classes are held during weekdays, with an internship in the final 2-3 months of the program. You are required to complete 48 credits (approximately 32 courses) to graduate.

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Curriculum Map for the Full-time MBA


FFundamental Courses
AApplied Courses
SSpecialized Courses

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Organizational Behavior and HRM
Course name Course Type Credits
F Human Resource Management Required 1.5
F Organizational Behavior and Leadership Required 1.5
A Power and Influence Elective 1.5
Marketing and Strategy
Course name Course Type Credits
F Essentials of Marketing and Strategy Elective 1.5
F Marketing I Required 1.5
F Strategy Required 1.5
F Operation Strategy Required 1.5
A Service Management Elective 1.5
A Customer Journey and Branding Elective 1.5
A Managing Technology-driven Businesses* Elective 1.5
Accounting and Finance
Course name Course Type Credits
F Essentials of Accounting Elective 1.5
F Essentials of Finance Elective 1.5
F Accounting I (Financial Accounting) Required 1.5
F Finance I (Corporate Finance) Required 1.5
A Accounting II (Managerial Accounting) Required 1.5
A Finance II (Valuation and M&A) Elective 1.5
A Finance III* (Mergers and Acquisitions) Elective 1.5
Critical and Analytical Skills
Course name Course Type Credits
F Critical Thinking Required 1.5
F Business Analytics Elective 1.5
A Business Presentation Elective 1.5
A Facilitation and Negotiation Elective 1.5
Management Philosophy
Course name Course Type Credits
F Leadership Development, Ethics and Values Required 1.5
A Keiei Dojo Elective 1.0
A Entrepreneurial Leadership Required 1.5
A Corporate Philosophy and Social Values Elective 1.5
Course name Course Type Credits
F Technovate Thinking* Elective 1.5
A Technovate Strategy* Elective 1.5
A Design Thinking and User Experience* Elective 1.5
Course name Course Type Credits
S Venture Management Elective 1.5
S Venture Business Planning Elective 1.5
S Venture Capital and Finance Elective 1.5
Course name Course Type Credits
S Strategic Reorganization Elective 1.5
S Financial Reorganization* Elective 1.5
S Business Transformation through Innovation Elective 1.5
Course name Course Type Credits
S Japanese Management: New Systems, Lasting Values* Elective 1.5
S Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies* Elective 1.5
S Global Perspectives Elective 1.5
S Cross Cultural Management Elective 1.5
Special Courses
Course name Course Type Credits
S Social Venture Management Elective 1.5
S Research Project Elective 3.0
S Integrated Learning Program-Internship Elective 3.0
S Corporate Mentorship Program* Elective 1.0
S CEIBS Visit Program* Elective 1.0
S CBS Visit Program* Elective 1.0
Technovate Special Courses
Course name Course Type Credits
S Industry 4.0* Elective 1.0
S Leading Big Data Strategy* Elective 1.0
S Emotion-Driven Innovation* Elective 1.5
S Moonshot Transformation* Elective 1.0
S Digital Marketing Psychology* Elective 1.5
S Robotics and AI Business Innovation* Elective 1.5
S Innovation through Virtual Teams* Elective 1.0
S Digital Biotech Innovation* Elective 1.0
S Entrepreneurship Without Borders* Elective 1.0
S Creative Leadership* Elective 1.0
S Data Science for Business* Elective 1.5
*Courses offered under the Part-Time and Online MBA program's timetable (weekday evenings or weekends).

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