An intensive, flexible curriculum for visionary leaders

The GLOBIS Full-time MBA is an one-year condensed program designed to boost your business knowledge, leadership skills, and career opportunities.

Classes are held on weekdays, with an average of 4-7 classes per week leading up to an immersive internship. Over the first two modules, you will complete required courses to ensure a solid foundation of business knowledge.

Following this, you can take applied courses that align with your career goals and interests. Combined with courses to help you discover your Personal Mission, the curriculum also contributes to your personal growth and self-actualization.

In the final months before graduation, you can either participate in an internship at one of our corporate partners or create your own business plan. This practical experience, in combination with the guidance of our Career Office, will prepare you for an exciting career after graduation.

In order to graduate, you will need to receive 48 credits (approximately 32–34 courses in total). There are no traditional exams for our courses: individual and group reports account for half of your grade, the other half comes from in-class contributions.

You are encouraged to partake in Online and Part-time MBA courses before and during your MBA. With our new Technovate courses, you will see how the latest disruptive technologies are transforming the business world, preparing you for the leadership roles of tomorrow.

2017/2018 Curriculum Map for the Full-time MBA

As of July 2018

 Discipline Fundamental Courses Applied Courses Specialized Courses
Organizational Behavior and HRM

1.5 Human Resource Management
1.5 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

1.5 Power and Influence


1.5 Venture Management
1.5 Venture Business Planning
1.5 Venture Capital and Finance
1.5 Creativity and Organization Management



1.5 Strategic Reorganization
1.5 Financial Reorganization*
1.5 Business Transformation through Innovation



1.5 Japanese Management:
New Systems,
Lasting Values*

1.5 Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies*
1.5 Global Perspectives
1.5 Cross Cultural Management


Special Courses

1.5 Social Venture

3.0 Integrated Learning Program-Internship

1.0 Corporate Mentorship Program*
1.0 CEIBS Visit Program*
1.0 CBS Visit Program*


Technovate Courses

1.0 Industry 4.0*
1.5 Technovate Thinking*
1.0 Leading Big Data Strategy*
1.5 Design Thinking and User Experience*
1.5 Emotion -Driven Innovation*
1.0 Moonshot Transformation*
1.5 Technovate Strategy*
1.5 Digital Marketing Psychology*
1.0 Robotics Business Innovation*
1.0 Innovation through Virtual Teams*
1.0 Digital Biotech Innovation*
1.0 Entrepreneurship Without Borders*

More to come

Marketing and Strategy

1.5 Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
1.5 Marketing I
1.5 Strategy
1.5 Operation Strategy

1.5 Customer Insight and Branding
1.5 Service Management
1.5 Managing Technology-driven Businesses*

Accounting and Finance

1.5 Essentials of Accounting
1.5 Essentials of Finance
1.5 Accounting I
(Financial Accounting)

1.5 Finance I
(Corporate Finance)

1.5 Accounting II
(Managerial Accounting)
1.5 Finance II
(Valuation and M&A)

1.5 Finance III*
(Mergers and Acquisitions)

Critical and Analytical Skills

1.5 Critical Thinking
1.5 Quantitative Analysis for Business

1.5 Business Presentation
1.5 Facilitation and Negotiation

Management Philosophy

1.5 Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

1.0 Keiei Dojo
1.5 Entrepreneurial Leadership
1.5 Corporate Philosophy and Social Values

      Required Courses       Required Elective Courses (at least one course is required)        Elective Courses

 *Courses offered under the Part-time and Online program's time table (weeknights and weekends) 

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