Internships and Career

GLOBIS supports every step of your journey

At GLOBIS there are several ways you can develop your ideal career: from workshops and seminars which can broaden your horizons; to mock interviews, CV reviews and internships to prepare you for a company position.

  • Orientation sessions/workshops are held once every 1–2 months.
  • Individual career consultations are held on average 2–3 times per year.
  • Mock interviews are a realistic way to prepare you for the world of work.
  • CV reviews offer you professional guidance for writing and reviewing your resume.
  • Career seminars are held frequently to showcase the very latest internship/job opportunities.
  • The Integrated Learning Program (ILP) is designed to give you the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into practical skills with internships at partner companies.
  • Full-time job opportunities are available at partner organizations in a variety of industries.
  • Part-time job opportunities are also offered for those with other commitments.

Integrated Learning Program: Hands-on work placements

The GLOBIS Integrated Learning Program (ILP) provides win-win benefits for both you and corporate partners. You will utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to solve real business issues.

Sponsoring organizations determine the scope of the projects, and to achieve course objectives, you are expected to take the initiative in communicating with ILP hosts—to gain mutual understanding of expected outcomes.

Download our CMP (Corporate Mentorship Partners) list:

How will you benefit?

With over 100 hours of internship experience available in global companies, there are plenty of opportunities to apply MBA learning in real settings. Faculty will be assigned to mentor you in practices such as operations, market research, development of business plans, etc.

How do companies benefit?

Companies can gain market expansion plans based on your unique knowledge and skill-set. Companies also enjoy opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to incorporate professional experiences from a range of industries.

Timeline for the ILP


Students contact companies for internship opportunities starting in the following summer. *Students can also find opportunities by themselves and then inform the Career Office.


Information sessions by host companies.


Document screening; Interviews.


Signing memorandum of understanding (MoU) and contracts.


Internship takes place.

Internship Profiles

Name:  Xuting (Christine) Fan; Online food retail

Company Information:  Online and catalogue sales of organic vegetables, specially cultivated agricultural products, additive-free processed foods and other food products.

Department Information:  Overseas Business Division

Internship Description:

Xuting proposed a branding and business expansion plan for China, based on her market research and analysis. She went to China on a market-research trip during her internship, accompanying the COO. Xuting successfully completed the internship program and received a full-time job offer.

Past career record:  Xuting has extensive experience of marketing and sales in sports goods and testing equipment in China and the U.S..

Name:  Yanuar Kurniawan; Automobile company

Company Information:  Japanese arm of global automobile manufacturer

Department Information:  Human Resources

Internship Description:

Yanuar worked on human resource data analysis and proposed a leadership development plan. His analysis and plan were evaluated highly by the company and he successfully received an offer to work full-time.

Past career record:  Yanuar has worked as Finance Manager in FMCG and as a HR consultant in Indonesia.