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Support for Living in Japan

Customized services for you and your family

Oliver Speer
Germany, MBA of 2013

I had been to Japan before, but never lived here as a student. Thankfully, GLOBIS was there every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition. The staff were always friendly and reliable, so I had no problems settling in and quickly felt at home in Tokyo. 

Housing Assistance

GLOBIS works hard to ensure you a smooth transition to living in Japan. Our housing services offer practical information on renting cost-effective apartments. 

Immigration Procedures

We assist you with all immigration issues during your stay by helping with documents and negotiating with the appropriate government officials.

We also provide support for your family's visa application if you are bringing any family members with you to Japan.

Health Insurance

In addition to Japanese national health insurance, GLOBIS offers special insurance which may provide compensation for legal costs and injuries suffered while engaged in education or research activities for the university. We also have a 24-hour emergency phone service in English.

Living Costs

We help you apply for scholarship opportunities from Japanese foundations which can be used to cover your living costs while in Japan.

Other Services

To make your transition to living in Japan as smooth as possible, GLOBIS holds orientation sessions before and after your arrival to Japan.

The orientations cover areas such as accommodation information, opening a bank account, securing a Japanese mobile phone number and other tips on how to settle into life in Japan.

You can learn more through the “Guide to Living in Japan” published by GLOBIS. We also offer individual consultations upon request.

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