Support for International Students

Support for Living in Japan

Customized services for you and your family.

Darren Menabney

Canada, MBA of 2011

“The support from the Student Services Office made a huge difference. They helped basically with almost everything that someone new to Japan would need to know to prepare for their stay and enjoy their time here. Thanks to them, my family and I settled into our new life very smoothly and quickly. ”

Housing Assistance

GLOBIS works hard to ensure you a smooth transition to living in Japan. Our housing services offer practical information on renting cost-effective apartments. GLOBIS can act as a guarantor for apartments, which is often required for house rental in Japan, saving you time and money, and ensuring a comfortable relocation.

Immigration Procedures

We assist you with all immigration issues during your stay by helping with documents and negotiating with the appropriate government officials.

Health Insurance

In addition to Japanese national health insurance, GLOBIS provides special insurance policies offering additional coverage for overseas students at low premiums. We also have a 24-hour emergency phone service in English.

Family Support

GLOBIS takes extra care to make sure that every student’s family has a wholesome and fulfilling experience in Japan.

Your family will be supported through visa sponsorship, international networking events, bilingual information services, introductions to Japanese language-schools, nurseries and everything else your loved ones need to live safely and comfortably.

Living Costs

We help you apply for the dozens of scholarship opportunities from Japanese foundations. You can also receive discounts on transportation, meals, cellphone plans, and more.

Other Services

To make your transition to living in Japan as smooth as possible, GLOBIS holds orientation sessions covering tips on how to settle in Japan, learning Japanese lifestyle habits, and enjoying Japanese culture. You can learn more through the “Japanese Life Guide” published by GLOBIS. We also offer individual consultations upon request.