Erdina Oudang

Erdina Oudang

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Why did you choose GLOBIS?

GLOBIS has what I have been looking for in the quality and duration of the program, as well as the institution itself.

I have always wanted to do MBA program and Japan has always been one of my favorite holiday destinations. I did look at other programs in Asia but when I discovered that GLOBIS offers a full-time one-year program, I became interested, as it allows me to be back in the marketplace in no time.

Erdina Oudang

As I looked further into it, I found the program is very intensive and comprehensive, and the courses are very practical and applicable to businesses in Asia, for instance, courses like Venture Management, Strategic Reorganization and Entrepreneurial Leadership, where we are encouraged to create our own personal mission. The institution itself is inspiring and dynamic yet nurturing.

Why did you come to Japan, rather than doing an MBA in your home country?

For the experience both personally and professionally. I wanted to remain near to my family, hence I decided to look for MBA programs in Asia. As I mentioned, I have always enjoyed my short stays in Japan and I feel that I could gain knowledge of Japanese management style and values in addition to the international application of all the courses.

How are you finding life in Japan?

It has been great and exciting. Although I don't speak Japanese, everyone is very helpful. I love outdoor activities and I can enjoy both nature and culture along with my studies.

Erdina sittingWhat are your impressions of the Full-time MBA Program so far?

Intense yet fun! My learning curve is steep but at the same time the dynamic and close relationship with my classmates make the learning curve fun.

What are your plans after graduation?

I would like to apply what I've learnt at GLOBIS in connecting Indonesia and Japan personally and professionally, and make a difference to society.

As Indonesia is growing, I need to be there to assess the opportunities and the needs, take the risks and just do it. Therefore by the time I return home, I would already be equipped with the right skills and have further extended my network, which will enable me to come up with innovative and practical ideas to be implemented in my country.