Hossein Eshraghi

Hossein Eshraghi

Home country:
Industry Background:
Civil/Structural Engineering

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS?

I decided to attend GLOBIS, instead of another business school, for a few reasons:Hossein sitting

First, GLOBIS focuses exclusively on MBA courses and is very international in its outlook. I was searching for a business school in Tokyo with a diverse environment, where I could meet different kinds of people from all over the world.

Second, after meeting GLOBIS students and faculty at events and networking parties I understood more about the teaching style and curriculum, which definitely helped my decision. The more I learned about GLOBIS, the more enthusiastic I became to join.

Third, I was interested in how education can be implemented effectively in the real world. I attended a seminar hosted by President Hori called: “How GLOBIS develops Global Leaders.” This was the final—and possibly most important thing—that helped shape my decision to choose GLOBIS. Based on what I heard at the seminar I found that GLOBIS is dedicated to providing its students with effective learning methods in very practical ways.

How is your typical day at GLOBIS?

I am a full-time student and I have many classes each week from morning until evening. Having said that, I need to confess the workload (including preparation for classes—with reading, writing and presentations) is tough, but no pain no gain!
Studying different topics and having in-depth discussions in class, really helps the lessons sink in. I have learned a lot of new things and I believe that new horizons have really opened up for me here.

How has GLOBIS changed the way you think?

Asking a question like that is like asking: “How will a light help you in the dark?”

The answer is: Enormously!

My GLOBIS MBA, has become more than just a guiding light for me. GLOBIS provides many unique events and opportunities for its students to help make huge changes in their careers. My way of thinking has changed dramatically through my course and this, I believe, is now one of my greatest assets.

How are you finding life in Japan?

Hossein hallway

I am very comfortable here. Japanese culture has many attractive points, which make daily living very easy; the idea of strong teamwork; the beauty of wabi-sabi; omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) and many more.

Tokyo itself is a great place for people to live and a good location for people to seeking improve themselves and grow their network.

What advice would you give to people considering studying at GLOBIS?

If you have any doubts about GLOBIS, just give it a try by joining one of the open campus programs or seminars that are often being held. This will give you a taste of an MBA course and will help you understand how GLOBIS is creating value for students and for society. You won’t regret it.